The President who was a born thief, a rapist and a coward

I don’t need to tell you who I’m talking about.  When he was elected Governor of Arkansas, the salary was something like $35,000 a year, chump change.  It wasn’t fair, and it wasn’t right, so Billy Jeff decided to make his bitchy, homely wife his bag lady.  If you needed to do business with the Governor, you put the Rose Law Firm on retainer.  Hillary didn’t really practice law, she laundered money for her husband.  When they wanted a little extra cash they’d come up with some scheme or another, cattle futures, land deals, whatever worked.

The nation’s First Crime Family wasn’t able to operate full steam while in the White House.  Everybody was watching.   But on the way out they showed their true colors, pardoning financial criminal Marc Rich for a tidy sum.  Hillary became a President-in-waiting, and if you wanted to be her friend (and, really, who could resist such a charming woman) it would cost you.  And what are friends for, if not to take advantage of?

To my eye it looks like the AP story, showing a majority of non-governmental visitors to Secretary of State Clinton were, just coincidentally, Foundation donors, is the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Forget about your politics, do you have any little bit of personal integrity, so that you won’t refuse to see what is staring you in the face?  The Clintons are political criminals, who have used public office to amass great wealth.  If you can’t see that you’re blind.  And if you don’t admit it you’re a coward.

I’ve never met Jonah Goldberg, and have no particular desire to do so.  But I feel a sort of kinship with him, because of how he writes.  His “newsletter”  goes over some of what I’ve been talking about.  Jonah hates the Clintons almost as much as I do, but I’ve had more practice.  I’ve had my come to Jesus moment with our “Presidential” candidate.  Jonah has not, and I don’t envy him.  To keep the Clintons out of the White House I’d vote for the devil himself, because there’s only one of him.  The two of them, together, you double your pain, and you double your misery.  There’s only one Trump.  There’s two Clintons.

Think about it, Jonah.  Billy Jeff, alone at night in the White House, with Hillary on the road.  Doing it in the Oval Office is really special.  I’ll bet he’d like to pull that off one more time.  A kind of a personal challenge.

The thieves who ran the Alaska State Senate when I arrived were Senators Bill Ray and Jalmar Kertulla.  But they really weren’t criminals, they only did petty theft.  Ray was a union boss from Juneau, while Kettulla was from one those Finnish socialist families that settled the MatSu  Valley in the 30’s.  He would have been a communist if he was bright enough.  I actually wound up getting along with Bill Ray, on a personal level.  Kertulla was just an ugly man, with a shitty attitude.

Alaska State Legislators made around $40,000 a year, with $28,000 salary and $12,000 per diem.  Kertulla and Ray were going to get retirement money from the State of Alaska when they left office, and their checks would be very small, because they were based on a $28,000 salary.  So they decided to cut back on per diem, and increase their salary to about $53,000, as I recall.  Doubling the salary of state legislators is not politically popular, and would be easily overturned by an initiative.  But it would take three years to mount a petition drive, get it on the ballot, and have it passed.  So for the requisite three years of employment at $53,000 a year, Kertulla and Ray doubled their retirement income.

Chump change.  These guys had their hands on tidal waves of revenue flowing into Juneau from Prudhoe Bay.  As far as I know, they never actually stole any of it.  They weren’t Clintons, for God’s sake.

Looking back to those days, I am glad I was there.  Jay Hammond stood up to the most corrupt bastards in the State, and faced down every one of them.  It was a joy to behold.   Hammond was more of a man than any man I’ve ever met.  And I got to help him do it.

Hammond kept his distance from me, personally.  The chemistry wasn’t right between us, for some reason.  But his best friend in politics, the guy he liked to travel with, was my buddy Bob Clarke.  He loved telling me stories about Hammond.  Just one time, after I’d been out of the legislature for quite a few years, Hammond came by my office to chat.  I’d done a lot for him, and he knew it.  He was a decent enough man to show me his respects.


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