Raising Arizona

The Article V movement is raising a toast tonight in honor of our woman in Arizona, Rep.  Kelly Townsend.  She’ll lead the fight for the Article V BBA in the 2017 Arizona Legislature, and was successful in assisting the take down of the chief spokesman of the John Birch opposition to it  — State Senate President Andy Biggs.  Singlehandedly Biggs stopped us cold in Arizona, and with him defeated and disgraced we should add Arizona to our 28 states.

Biggs was the anointed successor to retiring Congressman Matt Salmon, and was favored to win the Republican nomination, but lost.  His removal from elected office is a rebuke to all the whack jobs who buy into his conspiracy theories, as set out in his book, The Con of the Con-con.   Good riddance, you pest.  I found out today where Biggs got all his money.  He won a $10 million Publisher’s Clearing House prize.  How else would a man of his limited intelligence succeed, but through a windfall?

Even if we get no help, the BBA Task Force, led by Dave Biddulph and Bill Frith, should get to at least 32 next year.  We should get Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho and Wisconsin.  There are also Republican majorities in Virginia and South Carolina, but both will be very hard without major public pressure.  But if the Republicans take the Kentucky House, as they should, it could be our 33rd state, and at that point people have to wake up and take notice.  There are half a dozen Republican State Senators in Virginia who are afraid of Article V, and the kingfish of the South Carolina Legislature, Senate President Hugh Leatherman, will be very hard to move.  But it can be done.

Trump, if he won, could do it.  Biddulph was able to get our suggestion on the Article V BBA through to the highest level of the Trump campaign, and this idea will at least be considered.  Forget about the merits, the Balanced Budget Amendment, and Article V, are good politics. The people now running the Trump campaign understand politics, and we shall see.

George Soros, has a decision to make.  Should he try to disrupt Trump’s appearance at a black church in Detroit?   I say, go for it, Dr. Evil.  The more trouble you cause, the more you’re helping the Republican Party, and its nominee.  Black ghettos have degenerated into the urban equivalent of Indian reservations, islands of despair which blot our country.  They get their government handouts, and are expected to reward their votes to the people handing them out.  By taking this American tragedy  head on, Trump deserves credit.  Apparently he’s mentioning it in every rally.  Repetition is the way to get people to realize what you’re saying, and actually listen.  Blacks may wind up voting for Clinton; if nothing else, doing it for Obama.  But most Americans sympathize with the plight of of their black  fellow citizens, and know that they’re at a dead end, and new approaches need to be tried.  You can’t get elected as President if people think you’re a bigot.

The most extreme Never Trumpers, led by Mr. Smug, Bill Kristol, are running ads against him.  A desperate attempt to remain relevant by the neocons.  But they have been discarded.  Nobody represents them, and nobody wants them.  Sayonara, boys.  You had your big chance to show how smart you are in the Iraq War, and you revealed yourselves as dumber than stumps.  These people should never have any influence over American foreign policy again.

As a recent Never Trumper myself, I know they’re not all neocons.  It’s as though they said he couldn’t win, and so they, therefor, must not let him win.  But he could win.  It’s not even Labor Day, and he’s within striking distance, and is inching closer.  The immigration pivot is proof that he will listen. And the debates will decide the election.  Babbie was looking at a TV show I was watching where they were talking about Hillary’s embrace of American exceptionalism.  She didn’t know what they were talking about, and she’s a smart woman.   People have impressions of Trump, but they’re not written in stone.  They’ll watch the debates, and decide if he’s a bigot and a bully and can’t be trusted with the Presidency.  Who the hell knows how they’ll turn out?  Clinton is such an unlikable human being, practically anybody looks good next to her.

RP co-founder Darren changed the website, so that you can sign up to get it by email without having to scroll all the way to the bottom.  He’s getting married on Monday, and has lot to do, so I appreciate the help.



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