I tought I taw a puddy tat. I did! I did!

We’re going to have to start calling him Tweety.  Ivanka needs to tell her father that if he doesn’t stop tweeting she’ll divorce Jared, abandon her children, and join a hippie commune in Nepal.  An intervention is needed.

He’s bending over, pulling his pants down, and holding a sign that says, “Kick me.”  He’s showing all of his worst traits  — his impulsiveness, his childishness, and his narcissism.  But above all, his pride, and if he doesn’t rein it in this thing is over.

As long as he doesn’t lose in a landslide, and the Republicans keep the House, all is not lost.  Speaker Ryan is strong enough to prevent Clinton from getting completely out of control.  We’d lose the Supreme Court for a generation, and with it the last vestiges of the Bill of Rights, but most of the Constitution is a dead letter anyway, and nothing the Supreme Court can do can’t be undone by the States, using their Article V power.

For Article V, state legislative races are the key, most especially in Kentucky.  House Speaker Greg Stumbo is trying desperately to hang on to power, but 538.com has Trump winning the State by 15 points, and Clinton is an anchor for all Kentucky Democrats.  Stumbo is the last Democratic legislative presiding officer in the South, and a thoroughly unattractive man.  If he goes down, we’ll get Kentucky, and it could be our 34th.

Strangely enough, a narrow Trump loss might be a boost for the Article V BBA effort.  I think the economy will go all to hell, with the Fed finally raising rates and deficit spending continuing, even ramping up.  The need for a BBA will never have been more obvious.  The argument in favor of the use of Article V as an emergency brake just gets stronger.  The 2018 midterms should be a Republican landslide, with the Senate turning Republican.  That means Congress would aggregate our 34 Resolutions, and set the time and place for the first Amendment Convention in American history.  It will proceed smoothly, and adjourn.  But the men and women in attendance, the leaders of the 50 State Legislatures, will want to meet again.  They’ll form some sort of group, like a Federal Assembly, as a forum for discussion of what the subject, or subjects, of the next Amendment Convention should be.  And then they’ll make it happen, passing Article V Resolutions in the required 34 States.

Which brings me to the Montana Governor’s race, incumbent Democrat Steve Bullock against Republican Greg Gianforte.  If we can engineer a Gianforte win, we could get Montana for the BBA next year.  Bullock is the one who stopped us in 2015, when George Soros asked him to.  Getting rid of Bullock should be a top priority for the entire Article V  movement.

Oddly enough, our main man in Montana, Rep. Matthew Monforton, is the guy that’s got the goods on Bullock, which you should take a look at on his blog, Republican Uprising.  Bullock has been fooling around on his wife, which is not fair game except for the fact that he’s using his power as Governor to pull it off.  A lesser Clinton, so to speak.  The Montana media won’t cover the story.  Just like the national media wouldn’t cover the Lewinsky scandal until Drudge forced them to.  I’m going to figure out a way to get some attention to this story, and if Matthew and I can do it, we can sink Bullock, a very weaselly lawyer kind of guy.  If we do, we will have made a giant deposit into the favor bank of Gov. Greg Gianforte, and that’s got to be good for Article V in Montana.  And we may wind up needing Montana.

Personally, I just got some of the best news I’ve had in years, and I’m a happy camper.  The season is turning here in the Gold Country, and it’s very pleasant right now.  Win or lose in November, the fight will go on.  Have a nice evening.

“My name is Paula Jones.

In 1991 I was working as a temp, at a booth that was set up in the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I was 25 and single, and when the Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, came by and chatted with me for a little while I was flattered.  Later that day an Arkansas State Trooper came by to tell me the Governor wanted me to visit him in his hotel room.  I didn’t know what to think, and agreed to go with the Trooper to Clinton’s hotel room.

The Trooper stayed outside as Governor Clinton invited me in.  He then pulled down his trousers, exposing himself, and asked me for oral sex.  I was amazed and horrified, and I got out of that room as fast as I could.  I told some friends and family about what happened, and we were all disgusted with him, but there really wasn’t anything I could do about it.  It would be my word against the Governor, and I wouldn’t have a chance.

In 1994, after Clinton had been elected President, I saw an article in the American Spectator magazine by David Brock.  It mentioned me by my name, Paula, and it implied that I was a willing sex partner with Clinton.  That was a lie, and I decided that the true story of what happened should be made public, and that I should file a lawsuit for sexual harassment.  I wasn’t able to get a lawyer until two days before the Statute of Limitations would have barred my suit.

Clinton’s lawyers claimed he couldn’t be sued, as President, for something he’d done before he was elected, and this delayed things for three years.  Then in 1997 the United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously in my favor, and in the process of legal discovery the whole story of Monica Lewinsky and the blue dress with the stain on it came out.

In 1998 the trial judge, Susan Webber Wright, dismissed the case on technical legal grounds, but my lawyers were confident her decision would be overturned on appeal.  It was time to put all this behind me, and I agreed to settle the case for $850,000, the entire amount of my claim.  Later Judge Wright ruled that I would only get $200,000, with the rest going to my lawyers.

A year later Judge Wright found Clinton in contempt of court for misleading testimony, and ordered him to pay my lawyers another $90,000.  Wright then referred Clinton’s conduct to the Arkansas Bar Association, and the day before he left office he agreed to settlement which stripped him of his law license for five years and made him pay a fine.

From the day I filed that lawsuit in 1994 until now I have been subjected to ridicule and scorn  by the entire Clinton political machine, up to and including Hillary Clinton herself.  I was a bimbo, and my case was a bimbo eruption.  A bimbo was anyone Bill Clinton had approached in his long career as a sexual predator, and an eruption was when one of them went public.  Apparently there were a lot of bimbos, like me, and putting down eruptions was practically a full time job for the First Lady.

James Carville, a close friend of both the Clintons,  called me, and women like me, trailer trash.  He said all you needed to do was go to a trailer park, and show $100 around, and you can find yourself a Paula Jones.  But that is all a lie. I never did anything wrong, I’m not a bimbo, and I’m not trash.  I was a young woman who a powerful older man tried to take advantage of.  But I refused.  I didn’t deserve to be treated the way I was, not just by Bill Clinton, but by his wife as well.

I think it’s fair to say Bill Clinton was a serial sexual predator, and Hillary Clinton was his enabler in chief.  She tries to destroy innocent women in order tpo protect him, and her own position as the wife of a powerful man.  What does this have to do with this election?  As much, or maybe more, than some South American beauty queen.  That’s up to you to decide.

My name is Paula Jones, and this is my story.”




When respect is not due

I happened to hear Limbaugh lead off his show today, and he hit the nail on the head.  Haldeman and Ehrlichman have a show on Bloomberg TV called “With All Due Respect” that I used to watch on MSNBC.  It was occasionally interesting, even informative.  But a few days ago they decided to drop their mask of impartiality, and become just another couple of worker bees in the Media Hive.  I can never keep them straight, but the one with hair used to give both sides a fair shake once in a while.  All that’s over, as is the show, for me.

They led off their show yesterday with a series of breathless reports on this maligned Latina beauty queen, and I turned it off.  This is actually a good sign.  This is all they’ve got, and it’s not much.  They can’t talk about the issues.  They’ve got nothing to say there.  Every time you think the national media has hit bottom, they get even worse.  Contemptible.

Trump needs to get back to the issues, but I think one story still needs to be told.  It’s the story of Paula Jones, in her own words, looking straight at a camera, and the American people.  I’ve written a proposed script for her, and sent it to the American Thinker.  Her story needs to be told.

Alaska politics, with respect to State government, is even more cocked up than I thought it was.  I’m afraid I truly didn’t realize how bad things were.  That’s the way it seems, in my present state of knowledge.  I hope to find out more soon.

I’m getting more confident in Joe Miller’s campaign for the Senate every day.  It’s really three on one.  Independent, and mainstream Democrat, Margaret Stock, incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski, and Democrat nominee, and Bernie Bro, Ray Metcalfe are all fighting for the same 60% of the vote.  Libertarian Joe Miller has got his 40%, and they’re not going anywhere.

Margaret Stock is a serious woman, with serious ambition, and this campaign is her audition before the Alaskan people.  Everyone will be getting a first impression of her, and she’s going to run a very good campaign.  I think she’s clean, and well meaning.  She’ll get a lot of votes, once people get to know her.

Ray Metcalfe is a lot of things, but one thing he is not is stupid enough not to know about the total and utter corruption that surrounds Murkowski.  I’m sure he despises her.  He despises a lot of people.  He’ll go for her jugular.

Miller is not content with his 40%, and to get more he needs to tear into Murkowski, full bore.  If he can handle this task skillfully enough, he’ll win.

So it’s three on one, and she’s not smart enough to handle one of them.  This could really get ugly.

There may be hope for the BBA in South Carolina.  The State Senate is considering changing its rules of procedure.  Dave Guldenschuh of the BBA Task Force told me about it.  The rules they operate under are worse than arcane, they’re ridiculous.  Why they’ve put up with them all these years is a mystery.  If they do adopt a normal set of rules, we could get South Carolina this spring. It might be our 33rd, if all goes well.

Time for a walk in the woods.



It’s all over now, baby blue

I’ve read a few things by Angelo Codevilla, and been highly impressed.  His 2010 Ruling Class, How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It is, or should be, required reading for any American who calls himself a conservative.   This man is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer.

He’s got an article out (hat tip, Instapundit) in Claremont Review that is a cry of despair.  After the Republic, he calls it.  When Cruz lost, we as constitutional conservatives lost our last best hope.  The Constitution’s gone, and we won’t get it back.  In this regard, he doesn’t think Trump is much better than Clinton.

He may not be right about that, and as Exhibit “A” I offer into evidence the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence.  Pence is another Reagan, as far as his politics and commitment to Constitutional government are concerned, and I think he will be the most important Vice President in American history.  Trump and his family like and trust him, as they should.  He’s a loyal soldier, and a lot more.   He served six terms in the House before being elected Governor of Indiana, and he was a solid, hard core Reagan man the entire time.  Trump will rely on him in dealing with Congress, and he will have to explain to Trump (as if Trump didn’t already know) that there are only around 30 real conservatives in the House, and three or four in the Senate.  Everybody else is in the middle of a lucrative and prestigious career in government.  Trump’s going to get real sick of them in a hurry.

At that point Pence can explain the role Article V can play in the Trump Presidency.  Trump wants to balance the budget, eventually.  It may take eight or ten years, but all that really matters is that we’re heading in the right direction, slowly reducing our annual deficit.  Trump and his economic team can come up with a time table for when they think the budget should balance.  They ask Congress to propose this in the form of a Trump approved Balanced Budget Amendment.  Congress won’t do it, so Trump says he’ll ask an Amendment Convention, called under the provisions of Article V of the Constitution, to propose it instead.

By this time the BBA Task Force should have 32 of the required 34 States, and with President Trump behind us we’ll get to 34, have a quick and orderly Amendment Convention, and put out the Trump BBA for ratification.

I feel confident about getting to 32 because I’ve been talking to the founding father of the modern Article V movement, Lew Uhler, of the National Tax Limitation Committee.  Lew’s in his mid 80’s, and more active than I am.  We agree that we should get Arizona, Idaho, Wisconsin and Wyoming early in 2017, getting us to 32.  We’ll need help getting from there to 34, but it should be forthcoming, and the obstacles in our path are surmountable.

Lew is flying back to Wyoming, to see a man he met there 25-30 years ago when Lew was trying to get the BBA Resolution through the Wyoming legislature.  This guy was a State Senator back then, and a big believer in the cause.  It turns out that he may now be the richest man in Wyoming, or in the top two or three.  I’ve been personally working on Wyoming for the last two years, and I’ve made three trips to Cheyenne to appear before the Legislature.  We almost made it, in both 2015 and this year.  With this gentleman behind us, I think Wyoming is a piece of cake.

Once the Amendment Convention for the BBA is over, we can start work on the Second Amendment Convention.  I like the sound of that.  It’s got nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, it just sounds good.  And that’s when things get interesting, and Constitutional government in this country can be revived.

So take heart, Angelo.  All is not lost.


Two faces have I

One to laugh and one to cry.  I’m relieved Trump didn’t disqualify himself, but I’m upset that he allowed himself to be baited, and squandered time defending himself, when he should have been on the attack.  This is very possibly due to inadequate preparation.  The Trump inner circle needs to sit down and convince him that he can’t just wing it.  He’s got to win the next debate, or at least fight to a draw, and he needs to be coached and challenged for a full 90 minutes in preparation.  After the mock town hall, he’ll need to review his own performance, and listen to what his advisers say.  He doesn’t know it all. And when the morning light comes streaming in, he needs to get up and do it again.  And again, until he does it right.  This is huge.  It’s a hell of a lot more important than going to another rally.   It’s also hard work, and tedious.  It’s up to him.

Someone’s out with a poll on the Murkowski-Miller Senate race in Alaska.  Murkowski 38, Miller 31, and the Democrat, Metcalfe, at 13, with 19 undecided.  I don’t consider this a trustworthy poll, so take it with several grains of salt.  But it seems about right.  The major flaw is that it does not include Independent Margaret Stock.  She’s a serious candidate, preferred by the Begich/Clinton wing of the Democratic Party.  She’ll run a good campaign.  She’ll take votes from both Murkowski and Metcalfe.  She won’t take one vote from Miller.

If this causes Murkowski to lose to Miller, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature, for former Senator Mark Begich.  Begich would like to see Miller beat Murkowski.  He wants to get back to the Senate, badly.  If he thinks he’s got a shot at Sullivan, he’ll take him on in 2020.  But that would be a rematch of 2014, which he lost.  Sullivan, not Begich, will have the power of incumbency in 2020, the reverse of 2014.  So he’d have a much better shot at Miller in 2022.  He’ll be 60 years old in 2022, and still in his political prime.  In his mind, he’d still have at least three terms left in him.  He thinks Miller’s a nut, who will make a fool of himself in the Senate, so a man like Mark Begich can take him out.  I know what Mark Begich is thinking because he and I think alike.  If he is not for himself, who will be for him?

Isn’t bipartisanship wonderful?   Two different political parties, with polar opposite platforms, uniting for a common cause, in the service of better government.  Democrats and Libertarians, working together, can remove the embarrassment of yet another dim witted Murkowski in the U.S. Senate.  There’s hope for the country after all.  If we all just work together we can do wonders.

Lisa Mukowski is Hillary Clinton with half the brain removed.   Her campaign thinks it’s clever in its debate strategy.  The first in Kodiak on the 12th, the second at the Alaska Federation of Natives meeting in Fairbanks on the 21st, and the third in Barrow on the 26th.  If Miller’s smart he’ll appear at every one of them, on the hunt and loaded for bear.  It’s Tora, Tora, Tora time.   What the hell has she done in the last fourteen years?  She carried water for Ted Stevens, just like her father, until Stevens lost to Begich in 2008.  Since then she hasn’t had anybody’s water to carry, so she doesn’t know what to do.

And there’s a lot that could be done, and Miller knows it.  He can lay out a plan, and ask, “Why haven’t you been doing this for the last fourteen years?”  As long as he doesn’t lay it on too thick, it’s devastating.  It can win the race for him.

On the Defend Cathy Geissel front, all is progressing nicely.  I’m pretty sure I figured out a way to raise a little money, and a little is all I need.  I’m taking this race personally.  I’ve never met or spoken, yet, with any of the principals, but it’s my old Senate District, and losing it to a union boss would be hard to take.  I’d like to fly up there for election night.  Hopefully I’d get to meet some mighty happy people.