Please Mr. Custer, I don’t want to go.

Some guy calling himself Publius Decius Mus is getting a lot of credit for an analogy he’s making for this binary choice election.  We’re the passengers on Flight 93, led by Todd Beamer, and the Clintons are the hijackers.  We either storm the cockpit and risk almost certain death, or do nothing and watch our plane crash into a building.  Not bad, but I like mine better.  We’re the wildebeest at the bank of a crocodile infested river.  We either try to swim across to our feeding grounds, or go back to certain starvation.  Or we’re with crazy George Custer, looking for Sioux to fight, the more the better.  We can high tail it, and possibly save our skins, our stick with this lunatic and go to certain death.  You can come up with lots of these things, actually.

Donnie Deutsch on WADR says this election is an IQ test for the American people, and went on to flunk his own.  He then said Clinton has to win on national security issues, if she’s to win at all.  And then he can’t figure out why Trump is being nice to Putin.  Sorry, Donny, you’re out of your depth and over your head.  Putin commands the second greatest nuclear arsenal on earth, and the nuclear button you should be worried about getting pushed is his.  It’s the only real existential threat this country faces.  We could absorb a nuclear attack from North Korea, or Iran, or Pakistan, or maybe even China.  We might lose a few cities, but the country would survive.  The Russian threat is existential.  Why is it so necessary to insult the Russian leader who has the support of his own people?  Because he’s not a nice man?   Who cares if he’s a nice guy or not?   When you have to do business, you do business, and our business with Russia is to make peace between us.  Russia is the last country on earth we should ever go to war with, and the American people instinctively understand that.  Why in the hell would we ever want to fight the Russians?  It just doesn’t make sense, either common sense, or in the geopolitical sense.

This is how Trump loses this election  — basic, fundamental stupidity.  We’re going to steal the oil.  You’ve got be to one ignorant son of a bitch to come up with that one.  He’s said it before, but I thought it was a throwaway line, but apparently he’s serious.

He’s probably been to Athens, and maybe have even seen the Acropolis.  He probably thought it was a great spot for a casino.  He may have even heard somewhere that ancient Athens was the birthplace of democracy.  But what he doesn’t know is how Athens lost it all.  It was near the height of its power, more of an empire than a democracy, when it got greedy.  It decided to loot the rich pickings of Sicily, and sent a great fleet to fight and collect the booty.  It all went to hell, and led directly to the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War.  Stealing the resources of another country is never a good idea.

I read somewhere that people like me are reactionaries, and that’s true.  I am a reactionary, just as the Founding Fathers were.  What they wanted to go back to was the time before the French and Indian War, when they were free to move west and open up new country.  Britain signed a treaty with France to end that war, and part of it said that American westward expansion had to stop.  The Americans fought a revolution, in part, to get back to the days when their sons and daughters could move west on their own.

I’m a reactionary because I want to go back to the days when I was a much freer man than I am today.  And right now we need a political revolution in this country on order to get back to those days.  But we won’t have to shed blood, like our ancestors did.  We’ll do it peacefully.  Trump’s just a figurehead.  He just needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut.


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