She’s come undone

So it seems, after a week “off the grid” in Montana.  I just got back in touch with things, and I get the sense that the Clinton crime family is unraveling before our eyes.  There are a lot of thieves in this world, but few as brazen as this crew.  Once their criminal scheme came to light, it was doomed, Dracula style.  That’s the way it feels to me.  They actually thought they could get away with this scam.  There would be no smoking gun!  And unless there’s hard and fast proof, they can lie their way out, or so they thought.  They’ve both been liars their entire lives.  It’s who they are, and they’ve come far.  But I think they’re going down, the lying thieves that they are.

My old colleague Sam Cotten is now the Commissioner of Fish and Game for Alaska.  He’s got an article out on the federal takeover of Alaska’s game management.  The State of Alaska manages its fish and game on a sustained yield basis, and some times that means killing wolves in order to allow a depleted caribou herd to recover its population.  Once the population recovers, the wolves thrive, because of abundant prey, and nature is back in balance.  The men and women who run Alaska’s fish and game are dedicated professionals.  They’re in this line of work because they love all these animals, but they also love the rural Alaskans, Native and white, who rely on game to survive.  They are part of nature as well.

But it looks like the Gaia worshipers in the federal government have decided to step in and take over.  They’ll just let nature take its course.  And the rural people of Alaska get screwed.  They make a lot of TV shows out of life in Alaska.  If anybody really cares about the real people who live out in the Bush, they ought to expose this crap.  Put everybody in the shoes of these tough Bush people, and what they go through without enough game.  But the tree huggers prefer wolves to people.

None of this would be happening if there was a Transfer of Public Land.   At son Darren’s wedding I talked to a couple of his groomsmen about TPL, and they were against it.  Ted Turner has bought up huge sections of Montana, and he doesn’t allow hunting on his land. These guys are serious hunters, and having more land  off limits to hunting is what they’re concerned about.  That’s a concern that will have to be addressed in Congress, if it’s going to have a chance of getting passed.  We want the support of sportsmen, not their opposition.  The bill will have to include language which alleviates their concerns.  It can, and must, be done.

Apparently in Montana the Republican Party doesn’t stand up for the sportsmen.  That’s not just wrong, it’s a mistake.  One of these fine young men knows Rod Arno, the man who stood shoulder to shoulder with me as we fought the fight against a preference in favor of Alaska’s Native peoples in the taking of fish and game.  They were trying to put it in the Constitution, for God’s sake!  It was quite a fight.  There were a lot of people who wouldn’t stand up to Ted Stevens, who was behind the whole thing.  Cowards, and thieves.  But I held my minority together in the House, and we beat them.  The sportsmen of Alaska are Republicans to this day, in part, because of it.

After the outdoor ceremony we went in for the reception, and it started to rain.  I figured we were at the end of a rainbow.  A very special day.



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