Hunting the Great Alaskan RINO

Constitutional conservatives haven’t had a lot to cheer about this year, but it’s not over yet.  Uber-RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski has a problem on her hands, and she’s primed to fall.  Joe Miller beat her in the Republican primary six years ago, and he’s back, this time as a Libertarian.  This is a very winnable race, and I hope people like the Club for Growth are smart enough to figure it out.

Lisa was handed her seat by he father, Frank, and holds it only because she is the political heiress of the corrupt and disgraced Ted Stevens.  Forget about the prosecutorial abuse that led to his conviction.  He was as crooked as an Alaska summer day is long, and was a thoroughly dishonorable political hack.  She’s a Stevens woman, and ipso facto corrupt herself.

Her father Frank disgraced himself in his one term as Governor of Alaska, and set a record when he ran for reelection.  No sitting Governor in American history was as thoroughly repudiated as he was when he ran for reelection in 2006.  He got 19% in the Republican primary, coming in third.  Sarah Palin won, and Johnne Binkley came in second.  In Alaska, the Murkowski name is mud.

After he was elected Governor in 2002 Frank pretended to be open about who he would appoint to replace him.  He interviewed quite a few people, as a sort of job interview.  One of the applicants was a good friend of mine, former State Senator Rick Halford.  Another was former State Senator Johnne Binkley.  He gave it a great deal of thought, and decided the most qualified person in the State was his daughter Lisa, a complete airhead, then and now.

This half witted woman has no business in the United States Senate, and never has.  In his 22 years in the Senate, Frank Murkowski carried water for Ted Stevens, and that’s all that he did.  He accomplished nothing for the people of the State of Alaska, and neither has his daughter in her fourteen years.  Having someone as dumb as Lisa Murkowski represent you in the Senate is an embarrassment to the whole State.  What kind of dumb asses are they up in Alaska to elect this silly woman?

The thing is, Alaska needs a real fighter in the U. S. Senate right now.  If Trump manages to win, we’re going to open up ANWR, fast track.  And that’s just for openers.  The Transfer of Public Lands needs a champion, and my bet is that Joe Miller is up to the job.  Alsaka’s hurting right now.  The pipeline is running at 25% capacity, and the wells are running dry.  We need to get our land, and we’ll be fine.  But we’ll have to fight like hell for it.  With Lisa?  Please.

I was Frank’s deputy campaign manager in 1980, and it was my idea that got him elected.  Ask his campaign manager, Bill McConkey.  I didn’t really feel he owed me anything, but I felt I deserved to be told the truth.  He lied to my face about his political intentions, and I watched him become a lap dog before my very eyes.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking for someone to run against Murkowski, and I never turned to Joe Miller.  He did some really dumb things the last time he ran against her.  But I think he’s learned.  He ran against New Dan Sullivan for the Republican nomination for Senate two years ago, and handled himself pretty well, from what I can tell.  He may be a little too right wing for some people, but that really shouldn’t be a problem.  The United States Senate is not about to be taken over by hard core conservatives.  But there are far too many forked tongue politicians like Murkowski.  They’re pretty much the majority.

This is the Senate seat I always wanted.  If only I’d been more patient.


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