We are a house divided

This election is the beginning of a social war, a war between two societies, the rulers and the ruled.  Six years ago Angelo Codevilla wrote The Ruling Class, which brilliantly describes the two warring factions.  Regardless of this election’s outcome, the war will continue.  I don’t know how, or when, it will end, but I know it is a war which is overdue.  The contempt of the ruling class was perfectly captured by Clinton in her description of the deplorables, the irredeemables.  I’m one of those.  You may be as well.

We don’t think the Clintons and their enablers are deplorable, or irreedemable.  They’re despicable.  We want to annihilate them, politically, just as they want to annihilate us.  This is war.  And in a war, you can’t be too choosy in your allies.  If you’re going to fight the Nazis you ally yourself with the devil himself, Joseph Stalin, in order to do it.  Stalin, was, if anything, more evil than Hitler himself, but we had no choice.  First things first.

If Trump loses it won’t be the last of America First.  It’s what most Americans think.  If you’re uncomfortable with the words America First, you’re in the minority in this country.  The havoc the Clintons will wreak on American society is too ugly to even think about.  The left in this country is going crazy.  Nothing is enough with them.  It’s as if they’re drunk on their own power.  A man, or a movement, which is able to operate without restraints is destined for excess, and ruin.  The left has the run of academia now, and they want their virus to spread.

But it won’t.  People just won’t take it anymore.  I was talking to one of my son’s groomsmen back in Montana, and he said if any man, transgender or otherwise, ever tried to go into the bathroom with his daughter he’d beat the living hell out of him.  I told him no jury in Montana would convict him.

My law school buddy Tom Pitaro is involved with the legal defense of the Bundy case in Las Vegas.  I had a good chat with a lawyer representing one old guy, may be in his 70’s, who they refuse to grant bail.  This is all chicken shit, and after this election I’m going to call Tom and go to work on this pro bono.  All I want to do is be involved in is the jury selection.  That’s the key to the case.  I want to be there to look every one of them in the eye, to look for signs of courage.

The U. S. Attorney will tell them they have no choice, they have to convict, based on the prosecution’s evidence, and the lack of a defense.  But that will be a lie.  No jury has to convict anybody of anything.  They can either convict, or not, it’s up to them.  And no judge can browbeat them into voting for a conviction if they don’t want to.   They don’t let you tell the jury that, but it’s true.  And I personally want to help Tom and the other lawyers figure out which potential jurors have the guts to do it.

In 1993 a fine writer named John Strohmeyer published Extreme Conditions, Big Oil and the Transformation of Alaska.   A few years earlier, when he was researching his book, he called me up and wanted to talk about what was going on in the Alaska State Legislature.  I wouldn’t talk to him because I didn’t know him, and he was somehow associated with Bob Atwood.  Atwood was Wally Hickel’s biggest booster, and Hickel and I were enemies.  I had him on my radio show when the book came out, and it turned out he was a square shooter, after all.  I really wished I’d talked to him.  I had some stories to tell.  He signed a copy of his book and gave it to me, but I never read it until yesterday.  If you’re interested in the Alaska story, it’s all there.

Well, most of it.  I’ve got a few things to add.


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