Lies! Lies! I can’t believe a word you say.

It must be hard being a liar.  It’s got to take its toll.  And when you’re constantly lying, and have lied your whole life, it’s a full time job just remembering what lies you’ve told, and to who.  It wears me out just thinking about it.  And when everyone knows you’re a liar, and you get away with it, it’s even tougher.

I don’t think Clinton’s problem is pneumonia so much as it is sheer exhaustion, from all the lying she’s doing.  She learned from her husband, but he’s a psychopath, and it’s easy for him.  She’s been caught, and will be caught again.  And again.  It’s got to be hard to put on a smiley face under that kind of pressure.

What the hell is she even doing, running for President?  She’s a 68 year old grandmother with health issues.  I can understand why she ran eight years ago. But now?  The only explanation that I can come up with is that if she hadn’t made clear her intention to run, the Clinton Crime Family Foundation would soon run have out of donors.  They’ve shared a lot of booty in the last eight years.  It’s all a big money laundering scam, and I guess she and, especially, Billy Jeff, really like to keep the big bucks rolling in.  I think maybe the whole idea is more Billy Jeff’s than hers.  He’s used her his whole life, so why stop now?

People going to Trump rallies ought to start wearing T shirts that say, “I’m a Deplorable, are you?”  They used to have an Optimist Club, with chapters, buildings and a creed.  Maybe we should start Deplorable Clubs.  In order to get in you’d have to prove you’re not only deplorable, but irredeemable. If I was Trump I’d open up my next rally by asking “Are we all deplorable, or what?”  Romney’s 47% comment was chicken feed.  Trump can ride his deplorability to the White House.  I wouldn’t let this word go.  In the debate, Trump ought to slip it in whenever he can.  “I think that’s a deplorable idea.”  or “That question is deplorable.”  Have a little fun with it.

How could she possibly be so stupid?  Only one explanation  – – exhaustion.  She’s so worn out from lying, and pretending to enjoy herself, that she can’t think straight.  This does not bode well for her candidacy.  But the only way the DNC is going to be able to get her to drop out is to promise her a Presidential pardon, with an ironclad commitment to a lot of cash.  Otherwise she’s in to the end.  If she loses she’ll be a victim, the role she’s played her entire married life.  I guess it suits her.

Trump continues to get the breaks.  The “Libertarian” ticket of Johnson/Weld seem determined to take votes away from Clinton, rather than Trump.  This guy Johnson is proving to be a flake.  There were a lot of Libertarians in Alaska.  I even served a term in the House with an Alaska State Legislator who ran as a Libertarian, from Homer, Andre Maroux.  There was one flaky son of a bitch.  He claimed to be a graduate of MIT.  I told him the only way he could have gotten in to MIT was on a football scholarship.  Actually, some scientific types are drawn to the Libertarian Party.  They like straight lines, black and white, no grays.  It makes for a simple minded kind of politics, sort of like for beginners.  When it came to his politics, Albert Einstein was dumber than a stump.  It’s odd, really.

I’m really starting to think Joe Miller can beat Murkowski.  He just needs a little money.  I’ve come up with an idea which might work, and I’m going to look into it tomorrow.  I’ve got to be able to find a way to watch the Senatorial TV debate from Alaska.  If Miller’s half the man I think he is, he’ll tear her up.  And, for comic relief, there’ll be the Democrat, former State Representative Ray Metcalfe, or Disco Ray, as everybody called him.  I have rarely met a man with the combination of personal vanity and dimwittedness of Ray Metcalfe.  This will be must watch TV.

In Alaska we’ve had our share of characters.  I liked old Joe Vogler the best.  He was a miner from Fairbanks, and he founded the Alaska Independence Party.  He wanted to secede from the Union.  One of his favorite expressions was “No man that wears shoe leather” by which he meant non-Indians.  As in, “No man that wears shoe leather has ever told me what to do.”

Wally Hickel won the governorship in 1990, running on the Alaska Independence Party ticket.  If Clinton wins, that party has a future.



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