That Girl

Clinton’s got the rockin’ pneumonia, and the boogy woogy blues.  Trump’s got that girl, the one we all want our granddaughters to be.  I saw a clip of Ivanka on WADR, beautiful, well spoken, and poised.   She was talking to the famous suburban Republican women of Philadelphia, the one group Trump probably can’t win without.  She was delivering a message tailored to their concerns.  It was brilliant, and I expect to see a lot more of it.

I couldn’t help thinking, where’s Chelsea?   But we all know the answer to that.  She’s been out on the trail for her mother, but no one wants to see her.  She can’t draw a crowd.  I’m too much of a gentleman to say why.  They’ll sure as hell turn out to see Ivanka.  My second, adopted, granddaughter is eight or nine, and I’ll bet she’d love to see the glamorous Ivanka.  She doesn’t need a last name.  She’s just Ivanka, like some rock star.  What an asset for a campaign, and a motivator for the old man to keep it on the straight and narrow.  I’ve been waiting for this roll out, and I am impressed.

The pollster’s pollster, Ann Selzer of Des Moines, was also on WADR, explaining the results of her Ohio poll, showing Trump up by five.  It’s one state, but it’s the one he’s got to have, and if he can get Ohio he’s got a shot in Pennsylvania, and the White House.  Selzer made two salient points.  Trump’s almost winning the union vote, based on their opposition to these trade deals.  That should hold true in Pennsylvania as well.  And Clinton is losing like 22% of the youth vote to Gary Johnson.  If that’s true in Ohio, it could also be true in Pennsylvania.  Add it all up, and he’s got a five point lead.  As Donny Deutsch pointed out, this gives him bragging rights, going into the debate, just ten days away.  For him, that’s huge.

How many days would her doctor recommend that she takes off before the debate?  Whatever it is, she’ll take less.  It should be a ninety minute debate, one on one with Trump, the moment which could decide the election.  Will she, physically, be up to it?  If she stays fresh to the end, she’s on drugs.

I’m glad to see the word “deplorable” sticking around.  The reason it sticks to the craw is because it’s so condescending.  To deplore is to feel sorry for, to look down on.  We can’t let that word go.  To do so would be deplorable.  I watch the market on the Fox Business channel, and Varney had these two women on, wearing black T-shirts that read “Deplorable”.  I bet they’re selling like hotcakes.

Things continue to be of interest in Alaska.  However it sorts out, I’ve figured out a way to get involved.  It would be deplorable if I didn’t.



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