A superpac is born.

It’s called Bipartisan Alaskans Against Mark Begich (BAAMB).  The FEC forms have been express mailed to Washington, and we’re official.  Donations will be accepted at P. O. Box 100, Standard, CA 95373.  We have one and only one purpose  — to take down Mark Begich. I confirmed today my financial backing, and I’m loaded for bear.

I already know enough about this guy to take him down, and I haven’t even started looking.  When I was in my last term in the Alaska House, in 1989, the little brown noser came to Juneau as an aide to Democratic Representative Dave Donley of Anchorage.  He then brown nosed his way on to the Anchorage Assembly, where he was a willing tool of the downtown merchants, led by his political mentor, Tony “The Grinner” Knowles.  Of all the things that used to annoy me about former Governor Tony Knowles, it was that s— eating grin of his that was the worst.

You might say, wait, Fritz, you’re not an Alaskan any more.  I say it all depends on your definition of Alaskan.  I’m physically located in California, but my home is Alaska, and always will be.  And what’s this bipartisan stuff?  Well, there’s the Democratic nominee for the U. S. Senate, Ray Metcalfe.  He represents the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party, and those people are no friends of Mark Begich.  They may have taken over the Democratic Party of Alaska, and Slippery Mark is not their kind of guy.  He will not have a united Democratic Party behind him.  Metcalfe wants his political legacy to be the takeover of the Alaska Democratic Party by the Sanders forces, represented by him.   His nomination, and his campaign, aren’t about him.  It’s all about the issues that motivated the Bernie people to begin with.

I almost called Ray up today, to let him know what I was doing.  But I can’t coordinate with any of the candidates, so that would have been wrong.  But I’ll bet old Ray has a few stories to tell about Begich.  He’ll have to find a way for me to learn about them.  Metcalfe thinks he’s got dirt on every one, even me.  He writes a blog, and lied about me on it.  But he does have some legitimate points.  I’ve never really looked into them, but they sound reasonable.  If you go to his campaign web site you can see his picture.  He’s aged, as have we all.  But he looks kind of scary.

Picture this line up on the Senatorial debate stage.  Odd looking 70 year old Ray Metcalfe, with his shiny bright blue eyes.  The kind you see on a dog sometimes, sort of weird looking.  He’ll be kind of like Bernie Sanders, on crack.  Then the nitwit, Lisa Murkowski, pretending that she knows what the hell she’s doing.  Then slimy Mark Begich, a Bill Clinton wannabe.  Then the fire breathing zealot, Joe Miller, itching for combat.  You’ve got to see this to believe it. This is politics, Alaska style.  We get all kinds.

I was watching the Fox Business Channel and saw Trump’s address to the New York Economic Club.  It was the best I’ve seen him give, though I really haven’t seen many.  He sounded, and acted, intelligent and reasonable.  And he scored his points.  He ticked them off, one by one, and he got every one right.  If this is the Trump who shows up at the debate this election is over.  He was that good.

His political timing is perfect.  He’s peaking just before the debate.  It’s almost as though this was part of the strategy.  If that is the case, it’s truly brilliant, politically.  A classic.  My hat is off.

I guess there’s still a chance, technically, that this might not happen, and Begich doesn’t run a write in.  In which case BAAMB would have no purpose.  Oh, well, back to the drawing board.  I’ve never formed a Superpac before.  It’s ridiculous how easy it is.  And the staff back at the FEC are very helpful, making sure you’re filling out the form correctly.  I’ll have to do it again, some time.

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