Donald Trump, Honeymooner

At the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson has a clip of Trump on the Tonight Show last night.  He’s hamming it up with the host, and he’s like a pro.  At one point he looks at the camera, as if to say, Am I really going to do this?    He reminded me of the Great One, Jackie Gleason, when he was in his prime on The Honeymooners.  He can do timing.

In the WaPo, Herr Doktor Krauthammer,  who’s never really cared for the guy, expresses astonishment at the New Trump.  The man has a second act after all, and Herr Doktor is as amazed as I am.  He’s on a roll, at exactly the right time.

In the WSJ, Peggy Noonan reminds us all of the travel office scandal, and its chief victim, a guy named Billy Dale. Few people remember this story.   It’s from 1993, and it’s Hillary Clinton at her worst.  Billy died last year, but I’ll bet he’s got some children who could tell his story for him.  Talk about a guy getting screwed over, just because he was in the way.  Put his son or daughter, or widow, on camera and let them tell the story.  It’s something 60 Minutes would do, if they weren’t partisan hacks.

Trump’s talking to some veterans today, again on Fox Business, and I don’t have time to watch it, but I noticed the staging.  In the crowd behind him, in camera, there’s a black guy, and, more importantly, over his right shoulder, a black woman.  Probably a vet herself, or maybe, even better, a Gold Star mother.  This is a sign of true professionalism.   It was the same yesterday, at the New York Economic Club.  There, over his right shoulder, in the background, was Mr. Professional, the strong right hand man, Mike Pence.  He was obviously enjoying himself, and why not?   Becoming Trump’s VP was the smartest move he’s ever made.

I tried watching a little WADR yesterday, but had to turn it off.  The brass at Bloomberg and MSNBC have decided that praise of Trump will no longer be allowed.  Some things are more important than maintaining a semblance of impartiality.  It’s game on,  and all hands on deck.  Trump could win, and that simply can’t be allowed to happen.  The media is on trial in this election.  If Trump wins their credibility will, for the most part, be blown.  It almost brings a tear to your eye.

Babbie’s decided to try some new house cleaners.  The ones she’s been using are making close to $45 an hour, and aren’t up to snuff.  The wife of one of Darren’s friends in Bozeman runs some kind of house cleaning business, with several employees.  I told her what our house cleaners are making, and she said it’s about the same in Bozeman.  It costs Babbie’s girl friends in the Bay Area about half that, but they hire illegal immigrants, so they work cheap, even in an expensive area like Piedmont.  They all think Trump is a bigot because he’s down on illegal immigration.  But if these illegals weren’t around they’d probably be hiring black women, like their mothers did.  Pay someone $45 an hour, in cash, and you’d be surprised who shows up for work.

A lot of people wonder how someone like Sarah Palin could ever get elected as the Governor of a State.  You have to understand Alaska in order to figure it out.  The guy she beat in 2006, incumbent Republican Governor Frank Murkowski, the father of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, was unelectable after four years in office.  Soupy Sales could have beaten him.

The debate’s a week from Monday, and Trump’s task is really simple: don’t be a bully.  He’ll be tempted, and taunted, but he’s got to keep his cool.  I think he can pull it off, for one simple reason.  His whole family, Ivanka included, will be there to watch.  He won’t let them, and especially her, down.

When a man loves a woman.  Speaking of which, we’re off to our nine year old granddaughter’s birthday party, and soccer game.  Life is good.

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