The lying, incompetent, and corrupt Senator from Alaska

My son Darren convinced me of the rule of three. You say, or do, three things, not four or two.  So with Murkowski I’ll just concentrate on these three.  With her I could do more, but I’ll settle for three.  For instance, I could talk about how she’s really not a Republican at all, just a Republican in name only.  Or I could talk about her arrogance, and sense of entitlement.  Or I could talk about her being a beltway insider, a member of the ruling elite with Potomac fever, and not really Alaskan any more.  But you really need to concentrate on just three, so for now I’ll concentrate on her lying, incompetence and corruption.

Her first lie was the first thing she said, when her father appointed her to his Senate seat.  She said she had offered herself as a potential replacement, right along with a number of much more prominent and accomplished Republicans, such as former State Senators Halford of Chugiak and Binkley of Fairbanks.  Frank Murkowski actually went through the motions of pretending to do job interviews with these men and others who wanted to be considered for appointment.  I knew both Halford and Binkley, two very bright guys.  Rick Halford was one of my closest allies when we served in the state legislature.  I generally followed his lead.  He actually knew a lot more about the issues than I did, and he was damn near as conservative as I was.  Since I didn’t believe in unnecessary work, on a lot of things, especially complicated ones, I didn’t bother to learn too much.  I just voted the way Rick voted, and figured I’d be right 99% of the time, which was good enough for me.

I wasn’t in Alaska when all this happened in 2002.  I’d figured out what these lying Murkowskis were up to back in 2000, and Babbie and I decided it was only fair that she got to move back to her friends and family in the Bay Area.  I wouldn’t allow Frank Murkowski to piss on my leg and tell me it was raining.  But Rick did it, and a bunch of other people.  And, after great deliberation, the announcement!  Frank had unexpectedly found that the most qualified person in the State, to replace him in the Senate, was his half witted daughter!  Who knew?  What a surprise!

All a lie  – – the Lisa lie.  Her Senate career was founded on a lie, and everyone in the State knows it.

Against the charge of incompetence Murkowski has no proof to offer into evidence for her defense.  Pork barrel spending is not an accomplishment.  Any half wit can do that.  What has she accomplished in getting Alaskans our land?  Nothing.  She’s not smart enough. There are ways it can be done.  I know of one myself, which I may soon share with some of my Alaska friends.  We could open ANWR next year, if we had somebody back there who knew what they were doing.

Some people are just  born dumb, and Lisa Murkowski is one of those.  I remember her the first day I met her, in her father’s campaign office, where she was volunteering.  It was the fall of 1980, and the campaign was in its final stretch.  She was 23 years old, and not a bad looking girl.  But when you looked in her eyes it was a blank.  There wasn’t anything there.

As for corruption, that would require too much detail, and I don’t want to tip my hand.  I spent five minutes looking at her FEC filings, and I had all I needed.  It’s an easy case to make, and prove, in the court of public opinion.  I have a good imagination, and see things that a lot of people don’t see.  And then I think of ways to sell it.  I really wasn’t much of a lawyer, But I do know how to advocate.  I’ve done a lot of it, and I’m not bad.

It will be good to get back up there for a little while.  There’s a couple guys in particular I’m looking forward to seeing.  I just decided to go this morning, and already I’ve got the use of a car.  I’ll find a place to stay for free, and all I’ve got to do is feed myself.  I’ll live off the land, politically speaking.

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