Irish democracy, Texas style

“Hell or High Water” was made for, by, and is about these Trump people.  Jeff Bridges is the redneck Texas Ranger, and as a lawman, he must oppose their vigilante justice.  But the hero, Chris Pine, and his crazy brother want justice done, inside or outside the law.  It’s an instant Pettyjohn family classic, right up there with “Raising Arizona”, “The Big Lebowski” and “American Hustle”.   Take a break and go see it.

Babbie and I saw it in Walnut Creek, a hotbed of political correctness.  I was laughing out loud as Bridges unleashes his great inner redneck, but no one else dared to laugh.  This film will be more appreciated in the American heartland, not so much in the high PC zones.

Darren had a girl friend who worked in a downtown Bozeman sun glass shop where Bridges bought things.  Babbie got her to get an autograph from him, which she has put in a frame under his picture prominently displayed in her girl cave.  He scrawled “For Babbie, Jeff Bridges.”  At least she has good taste.

He was in Montana in 1977 shooting “Rancho Deluxe” when he met a girl working as a maid at the resort where he was staying.  She resisted his efforts to court her, and only his persistence paid off.  They have three daughters and spend a lot of their time on a place around 40 miles from Bozeman.

If you’re as old as I am you remember his dad, Lloyd, who played a bad ass scuba diver on a TV show called “Sea Hunt’.   Jeff is a chip off the old block.

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