Don’t tell Mama I’ve gone with the Libertarians

She thinks I’m playing piano in a cat house.

Tomorrow I’ll make the switch in party registration, to Libertarian.  It’s the party of the future here in California.  The Republicans can’t be salvaged.  They’re hostages to the Christian right, and those people are anathema to the rest of the State.

What will happen is there will be a Libertarian challenge to either or both of the sitting Democratic State Legislators  in California’s northwest District, which includes Mendocino, which provides 80% of the legal pot in this country.  Certain to be challenged is Assemblyman Jim Wood.  Depending on circumstances, Senator Mike McGuire may be as well.

Pot’s going to be legal in California after the November election, and those thieves in Sacramento are going to try to tax the crap out of it, all aspects of it, including the farming.  For revenue starved Democrats, it’s easy money.  Somebody needs to represent the farmer’s interest in all this.  That will be the Libertarian legislative candidates next year.  Before they file, they cut a deal with the few Republicans there are in the district.  Keep all the Republican candidates out.  Clear the field.  They can run somebody against the Libertarian next time, and a Libertarian is better than a Democrat.

In my legislative District, the Democrats have no chance.  They can’t win.  So the Libertarian candidate gets all the Democrats to clear the field for him to run, one on one, against the incumbent Republican.

Babbie and I have been back in California for 15 years, and it’s taken me this long to see the political solution in this State.  It’s the Libertarians, beginning in Northwest California, where all the pot’s grown.  From there it will spread across the State, and eventually be able to win state wide.  Socially and politically, libertarian.

I actually may have a candidate in Mendocino, if she’s willing.  She’s shown signs of ambition in the past, and is old enough to be ready for anything.  She’s the younger sister of a friend of mine, and she lives in the District.  She and her brother are big time, old school, Teamster’s Union Democrats.  Their Dad was the President of the Bay Area Teamster’s Union, and a very rough guy.  So becoming a Libertarian should be no big deal.  Besides, as a Libertarian, you can have any kind of politics you want.  Just be yourself, and call that Libertarian.  You, personally, are what Libertarianism is.  It’s self defining.  It’s a very slippery concept, libertarianism.  It can be a party of convenience.

But that’s all ATE, after the election.  The sense you get is that Trump’s going to win this thing.  For a lot of people, including me, it’s hard to get your head around.  A move toward Trump would  help BAAM immensely in its task.  Today was a day for patience, for BAAM.

As the leaves turn.

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