How to handle a woman

Carefully, very carefully, if she’s your political opponent.   You simply can’t treat a woman they way you would a man.  Nobody likes to see a man beat up on a woman, no matter how much she deserves it.

Trump saw insult comedian Don Rickles a few too many times, and he seems to enjoy insulting people.  If he insults Hillary Clinton, no matter how much she deserves it, it will cost him, big time.  The worst thing he’s done in his entire campaign was to disparage the Gold Star mother of Capt. Khan.  That still has not been forgotten, or forgiven.  If he veers in that direction Monday night he’ll lose it.  You’ve got to be cool, like Reagan, and his “there you go again” line.

No one’s ever seen Trump calm.  That would shock the political world.  A subdued version of Donald Trump could win the election, if such a thing exists.

This thing is better than the Super Bowl!

My grey matter has been grinding away, and I finally think I’ve got this Murkowski thing all figured out.  Not to brag on it, but it’s maybe the best shot I’ve taken in my political career, which goes back 38 years, to the 1978 Alaska Governor’s race.  I can’t figure out how she can respond, and I’m a hell of a lot smarter than she is.  All I can say is, at around 10:00 p.m. Pacific, November 3rd, tune in to the U. S. Senate debate in Alaska.  That’s when you do the hit, in front of the whole State.

I have a vengeful streak in me, and I admit it.  If you don’t have one, you don’t belong in politics.   Babbie and I had a wonderful life in Alaska, and I have no regrets for the 27 years we spent there.  But I feel like Marlon Brando in “On the Waterfront”.   I could have been a contender.  But the Murkowskis made sure that never happened.

They not only lied to me, they lied to a lot of people, like State Senator Johne Binkley of Fairbanks, who was much closer to the Murkowskis than I was.  When Frank ran for Governor in 2002 Binkley agreed to support him, on the condition that he would be appointed to serve out the term, or at least be strongly considered.  Frank had a list of ten that he was supposedly picking from, which included Binkley.  The brightest, most qualified people in the State.  But after he’d thought about it for a while, it occurred to him that the person who was actually best for the job was his mentally challenged daughter.  Binkley was so pissed off that he ran against Frank in the 2006 Republican primary, and beat him.  But they were both beat by this peppy gal from Wasilla.

On the radio this morning Begich was being coy about maybe running for Governor in 2018, as a way to prepare for the 2020 Senate rematch with New Dan Sullivan.  I hope he does.  We can always revive BAAMB.  From what I can tell Original Dan Sullivan, or Mayor Dan, is the best Republican candidate for Governor, and he purportedly wants to run.  I’d look forward to working for him.  I knew his father, George, who was a great Alaskan.

My Uncle Fritz knew George Sullivan when he was the U.S. Marshall in Valdez after the war.  Uncle Fritz really liked him.  He called him Sully.

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