Sometimes a man needs time with his family

Former Senator Mark Begich just announced he will not be running on 650 KENI’s Rick Rydell Show.  He referenced this group, Bipartisan Alaskans Against Mark Begich, out of California, that has no further reason for existence.  I’m taking him at his word, and will file FEC Form 3-X later this morning to dissolve BAAMB.

Bipartisan Alaskans Against Murkowski, on the other hand, is coming together nicely.  An EIN, a bank account, and a proposed budget are all in the works, along with planning for the first expenditure.

Surprisingly, Begich did not come out and endorse Independent Margaret Stock.  He only praised Joe Miller’s improvement as a candidate.  Curious.  Rydell had mentioned some polling that Begich supposedly had access to, but didn’t ask him about it, and Begich didn’t talk about.  Again, curious.  If there was polling that made Begich’s chances look good, he would have mentioned it.  That way he could play the martyr, giving up a shot at the Senate, because he needs to spend time with his family.  So I suspect those poll numbers didn’t look so hot for him.

The worm turns.

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