Don’t worry, be happy.

This election shouldn’t be close.  Both Clinton and Trump should be losing badly, but one of them will win, and I think it’s Trump.  At just the right time, his tone is changing.  I don’t see a lot of him, but he seems to be mellowing a bit, which he must do.  People in this country are royally pissed off, but the Deciders are uncomfortable with a President who’s all pissed off.  The Ones Who Will Decide want to vote for someone, not just against the other guy.  They want to vote for a Happy Warrior, not a man waving a sword.

Trump should be a  happy camper right now.  He’s close to pulling off the greatest political coup in American history.  Nobody’s ever done it before, though plenty have tried, right back to Aaron Burr trying to steal the election from Thomas Jefferson.  Trump might pull it off, and he has every right to take a lot of satisfaction from it.  This ought to put him in a good mood Monday night, and if he comes across as not such a bad guy, after all, he’ll win.  Not much of a challenge, after what he’s been through.

Over at Aaron Bycoffe has devised The Snake, a very cool way to look at the election.  Bravo, Aaron.  It shows Clinton winning New Hampshire, and the election, with 272 EV’s.  After NH, her next weakest states are Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  I really don’t know much about NH and PA, but these other states should go for Trump, in the end.

Coloradans are cool, and with it, and Clinton is so 20th Century.  Colorado Democrats are Bernie Bros, and can’t stand Clinton.  They’ll vote for Johnson (the tongue poker!) or Stein, and give the State to Trump.  Add in conservative rural Colorado, and he’s home free.

Michigan has a successful Republican Governor, a Republican State Legislature, and four years ago became the 24th state in the union to pass a right to work law.  Don’t tell me it’s a blue state.  It’s purple, and it could easily go to Trump, on hatred of NAFTA alone.  There’s a lot of racial undercurrent in Michigan, and these riots in Charlotte are helping Trump.  Sincere thanks, once more, to the irreplaceable George Soros, and his goons at BLM.  Muchas gracias.

And, in the end, I’ll be surprised if Trump doesn’t win Wisconsin, especially after the Cruz endorsement.  There are a lot of popular Republicans in Wisconsin, like Gov. Scott Walker, and they’ve accomplished a lot for the people of Wisconsin.  All the fights he had with the unions produced tangible benefits for the people of Wisconsin, and they know it.  Expect a Trump swing through Wisconsin, joined by Walker, Ryan and Priebus.  It should win it for him, and with it, the Electoral College, and the Presidency.

It’s outlandish, but true.  Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.  This thought doesn’t give me any particular pleasure, but it does have its bright side.  In Alaska, Trump voters are Miller voters, and this could be the end of the Stevens-Murkowski political machine.

I’ve been thinking about BAAM, and am going to hold off for a while.  Maybe voters in Alaska already know all this stuff about Murkowski, and don’t need to be reminded.  Just more negativity.  So I’m going to look on the bright side, and think about all the wonderful things that will happen in Alaska when the last of this gang of thieves is run out of public office.

I don’t really count Rep. Don Young as one of them, maybe because I like Don personally.  He’s just a goofball school teacher from the interior.  He came to Alaska from northern California to get a teaching job in the Bush.  You can make good money, right out of college, teaching school in these remote Alaska Native villages.  Don went to Fort Yukon, right in the middle of the real Alaska, and married a Native gal, to whom he was devoted for her entire life.  She was a very sweet woman.  They had kids, and a normal family life.  Don was a hard core Republican, and was in the State Legislature when the Republicans needed a sacrificial lamb to offer in the 1972 Congressional race.  Nick Begich was the Democratic incumbent, and this guy was good, a rising star in the national Democratic Party.  Don didn’t have a prayer, but he was a good sport, and was ready to take one for the team.

Begich and Hale Boggs went down in the Chugach two weeks before the election, and everyone knew they were gone.  Begich won easily, but Don managed to squeak out a win in the special election to replace him, and he’s been there ever since.  His wife died recently, and I guess being a Congressman gives him something to do in his grief.

I think this will have to be Don’s last term, and Alaska Republicans need to start thinking about who is going to replace him.


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