I tought I taw a puddy tat. I did! I did!

We’re going to have to start calling him Tweety.  Ivanka needs to tell her father that if he doesn’t stop tweeting she’ll divorce Jared, abandon her children, and join a hippie commune in Nepal.  An intervention is needed.

He’s bending over, pulling his pants down, and holding a sign that says, “Kick me.”  He’s showing all of his worst traits  — his impulsiveness, his childishness, and his narcissism.  But above all, his pride, and if he doesn’t rein it in this thing is over.

As long as he doesn’t lose in a landslide, and the Republicans keep the House, all is not lost.  Speaker Ryan is strong enough to prevent Clinton from getting completely out of control.  We’d lose the Supreme Court for a generation, and with it the last vestiges of the Bill of Rights, but most of the Constitution is a dead letter anyway, and nothing the Supreme Court can do can’t be undone by the States, using their Article V power.

For Article V, state legislative races are the key, most especially in Kentucky.  House Speaker Greg Stumbo is trying desperately to hang on to power, but 538.com has Trump winning the State by 15 points, and Clinton is an anchor for all Kentucky Democrats.  Stumbo is the last Democratic legislative presiding officer in the South, and a thoroughly unattractive man.  If he goes down, we’ll get Kentucky, and it could be our 34th.

Strangely enough, a narrow Trump loss might be a boost for the Article V BBA effort.  I think the economy will go all to hell, with the Fed finally raising rates and deficit spending continuing, even ramping up.  The need for a BBA will never have been more obvious.  The argument in favor of the use of Article V as an emergency brake just gets stronger.  The 2018 midterms should be a Republican landslide, with the Senate turning Republican.  That means Congress would aggregate our 34 Resolutions, and set the time and place for the first Amendment Convention in American history.  It will proceed smoothly, and adjourn.  But the men and women in attendance, the leaders of the 50 State Legislatures, will want to meet again.  They’ll form some sort of group, like a Federal Assembly, as a forum for discussion of what the subject, or subjects, of the next Amendment Convention should be.  And then they’ll make it happen, passing Article V Resolutions in the required 34 States.

Which brings me to the Montana Governor’s race, incumbent Democrat Steve Bullock against Republican Greg Gianforte.  If we can engineer a Gianforte win, we could get Montana for the BBA next year.  Bullock is the one who stopped us in 2015, when George Soros asked him to.  Getting rid of Bullock should be a top priority for the entire Article V  movement.

Oddly enough, our main man in Montana, Rep. Matthew Monforton, is the guy that’s got the goods on Bullock, which you should take a look at on his blog, Republican Uprising.  Bullock has been fooling around on his wife, which is not fair game except for the fact that he’s using his power as Governor to pull it off.  A lesser Clinton, so to speak.  The Montana media won’t cover the story.  Just like the national media wouldn’t cover the Lewinsky scandal until Drudge forced them to.  I’m going to figure out a way to get some attention to this story, and if Matthew and I can do it, we can sink Bullock, a very weaselly lawyer kind of guy.  If we do, we will have made a giant deposit into the favor bank of Gov. Greg Gianforte, and that’s got to be good for Article V in Montana.  And we may wind up needing Montana.

Personally, I just got some of the best news I’ve had in years, and I’m a happy camper.  The season is turning here in the Gold Country, and it’s very pleasant right now.  Win or lose in November, the fight will go on.  Have a nice evening.

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