When respect is not due

I happened to hear Limbaugh lead off his show today, and he hit the nail on the head.  Haldeman and Ehrlichman have a show on Bloomberg TV called “With All Due Respect” that I used to watch on MSNBC.  It was occasionally interesting, even informative.  But a few days ago they decided to drop their mask of impartiality, and become just another couple of worker bees in the Media Hive.  I can never keep them straight, but the one with hair used to give both sides a fair shake once in a while.  All that’s over, as is the show, for me.

They led off their show yesterday with a series of breathless reports on this maligned Latina beauty queen, and I turned it off.  This is actually a good sign.  This is all they’ve got, and it’s not much.  They can’t talk about the issues.  They’ve got nothing to say there.  Every time you think the national media has hit bottom, they get even worse.  Contemptible.

Trump needs to get back to the issues, but I think one story still needs to be told.  It’s the story of Paula Jones, in her own words, looking straight at a camera, and the American people.  I’ve written a proposed script for her, and sent it to the American Thinker.  Her story needs to be told.

Alaska politics, with respect to State government, is even more cocked up than I thought it was.  I’m afraid I truly didn’t realize how bad things were.  That’s the way it seems, in my present state of knowledge.  I hope to find out more soon.

I’m getting more confident in Joe Miller’s campaign for the Senate every day.  It’s really three on one.  Independent, and mainstream Democrat, Margaret Stock, incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski, and Democrat nominee, and Bernie Bro, Ray Metcalfe are all fighting for the same 60% of the vote.  Libertarian Joe Miller has got his 40%, and they’re not going anywhere.

Margaret Stock is a serious woman, with serious ambition, and this campaign is her audition before the Alaskan people.  Everyone will be getting a first impression of her, and she’s going to run a very good campaign.  I think she’s clean, and well meaning.  She’ll get a lot of votes, once people get to know her.

Ray Metcalfe is a lot of things, but one thing he is not is stupid enough not to know about the total and utter corruption that surrounds Murkowski.  I’m sure he despises her.  He despises a lot of people.  He’ll go for her jugular.

Miller is not content with his 40%, and to get more he needs to tear into Murkowski, full bore.  If he can handle this task skillfully enough, he’ll win.

So it’s three on one, and she’s not smart enough to handle one of them.  This could really get ugly.

There may be hope for the BBA in South Carolina.  The State Senate is considering changing its rules of procedure.  Dave Guldenschuh of the BBA Task Force told me about it.  The rules they operate under are worse than arcane, they’re ridiculous.  Why they’ve put up with them all these years is a mystery.  If they do adopt a normal set of rules, we could get South Carolina this spring. It might be our 33rd, if all goes well.

Time for a walk in the woods.



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