Hold ’em, fold ’em, or go all in

Clinton played the sex card at the debate, and Trump flinched.  He could have hit back, hard, but decided against it, and it’s been stuck in his craw ever since.  He’s been thinking about it all week, and finally he made his decision, at 3:00 in the morning a couple days ago.

She made the bet, on her sex card, and he folded on Monday.  Now he’s decided not to just call her bet, or raise it, but to go all in on it.  He’ll win or lose the election on this hand.  It’s time to show your cards, and see what you’ve got.

They both have good hands to show, but, in fact, Trump’s is better.  He’s a serial adulterer, a sexual braggart, and has been demeaning to women.  He’s treated them like sex objects for most of his life.  He’s the kind of man I can never have any respect for, on that count alone.  I believe you can judge a man on how he treats women, and Trump gets a failing grade.

But Bill Clinton is a wholly different story.  He’s a  serial sexual criminal, and in the law it is a felony to aid and abet in the perpetration of a crime, so Hillary is just as guilty as he is.  In a sense, she’s worse, because she’s a woman, and she betrayed her own sex.  And she’s so smug about it.  That’s what drives me crazy.

The editors at American Thinker decided against my Paula Jones piece, even after I switched it to the third person in the post before this.  They said it didn’t contain anything new, and that’s true, and that was sort of the point.  They and I are familiar with that story, but millions of low information voters are not, especially the younger ones.

I’d get Paula in front of a camera and have her read that script, or a modified version of it.  It’s all true, it’s her story, and most Americans have never had the chance to hear her tell her side of it.  Because of her courage, a sexual predator named Bill Clinton, President of the United States, was exposed as who he was, and was impeached.  Not bad for a good ol’ gal from Arkansas.  She’s proud of what she did, and has a right to be.  Let her tell her story.

This is a high stakes gamble, to put it mildly.  The media will fight him tooth and nail.  But the truth is, nothing Donald Trump has done is criminal.  That gives him a big advantage.  So let the steel cage death match begin.  Two enter, only one will come out.

And if it’s not Trump, there’s always the Moses Option.


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