When the centre cannot hold

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”

From “The Second Coming” by W. B. Yeats in 1919.


The center certainly wasn’t holding in 1919.  The whole world was going to hell.  The War to Make the World Safe for Democracy had been won, but all about was chaos, as ancient empires and powerful kingdoms collapsed.

We’re a lot better off today than we were in 1919.  It was a terrible year in American, as well as world, history.  President Wilson had lost his mind, and the government was being run by his nutty wife.  And everything seemed to be coming apart.

Then we had an election, the greatest landslide in American political history, and we returned to normalcy.   That’s what most Americans want, normalcy.  And who’s the most normal politician around?  Mike Pence, the normal man from the normal State of Indiana, where normal was born.

Everybody will get to see him Tuesday night, and it will be like a breath of fresh air.  Why can’t this guy be President?  That’s what everyone will be asking.

Trump’s surrogates are now calling him a genius, which may, in fact, be true.  But geniuses don’t blow a race against the most disliked woman in America, which he is in the process of doing.  Unless he really is a genius, and is exercising the Moses Option.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Senate race in Alaska and, if he doesn’t screw up, Miller should win it.  All the stars are aligned.  It’s like the perfect set up.  Murkowski doesn’t have a political base.  She’s not a conservative, but she’s not a liberal either.  She’s nothing, but a set of platitudes rattling around in her head.  She’s not handing out the money the way Ted Stevens did.  Those days are over, Ted’s dead.  She’s got the Native Corporations, and some other special interests, but Big Labor hates her, the Bernie Brigade hates her, the conservatives hate her, and everyone understands she doesn’t have a brain in her head.  Miller’s going to beat her.  He’s a good enough candidate to do it.  You don’t need to be Marco Rubio to win a Senate seat in Alaska.  It’s a small pond, in terms of political talent.

There’s a way to get the story on Montana Gov. Bullock out into the public.  Actually, more than one.  Plenty of time to try a few.  I really don’t like Bullock.  He doesn’t seem like a Montanan to me, just a slippery lawyer.   Gianforte would probably be a great Governor, in the mold of Matt Bevin in Kentucky.  And we could use some help on Article V.

There’s a small storm gathering out of the Northwest.  It will blow over by morning.



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