Deception by poll

If you ever see a poll out of Alaska by Ivan Moore, it’s not really a poll.  It’s Democratic propaganda.  Here’s his latest.  It was taken August 27-29, well over a month ago.  He lists Caen Stevens as the Libertarian candidate, which she still was at the time.    But this “poll” has absolutely no relevance, since it doesn’t include the only real threat to Murkowski, which is Miller, who is now the Libertarian candidate.  So why does this Alaska website, “Midnight Sun” promote it now, when it’s obsolete?  It’s a feeble attempt to downplay the Miller insurgency, and its weakness is a sign of fear.  Also, Moore doesn’t give head to head numbers between Rep. Don Young and his faculty lounge Democratic opponent.  Why?  Because Young is so far ahead it’s not a contest.

Tim Kaine is probably a decent man, but he was given an assignment for which he was spectacularly unequipped.  You don’t send a poodle to do a Rottweiler’s job.  It doesn’t ever work.  Apparently someone told Kaine that arching his eyebrow  made him look sophisticated and skeptical.  He looked like a cartoon villain.  I couldn’t take my eyes off that eyebrow, and Babbie and I turned it off after half an hour.  It was like watching a football game when the score is 35-0 after the first quarter.  Unless you’re a Republican sadist, or a Democrat masochist, there was no reason to watch more.

Politico has the sub headline right.  “Is there anybody outside the Trump family  who isn’t wishing we could flip the ticket?”  All the Republican “insiders” agreed.

There’s still time.  Donald.

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