Bullock is bolloxed

The Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, has chosen personal pleasure over his duties as a father, husband, and public official.  At the age of 50 he’s found a new love in his life, Meg O’Leary, the Director of the Montana Department of Commerce.  As a special treat, he used a State of Montana airplane to go to a Paul McCartney concert with her.    He’s been to Puerto Rico and the Kentucky Derby with his new flame.  The voters of Montana have been shielded from this disturbing relationship by Montana media, though it’s found it’s way into some blogs.

Less than a year ago, the Helena Independent Record hired a rising star in journalism, James DeHaven, away from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  He was quite a catch for a small paper like the Helena IR.  But he quit last week, and has now moved on to the San Diego Union-Tribune.  He hasn’t publicly stated his reasons for leaving, but it was obviously related to the fact that his editors refused to print the story of the Bullock sex scandal that he had uncovered.

The story presumably has details on the retaliation against State of Montana employees who have objected to these arrangements.  There is some evidence that Montana Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean caught the Governor in flagrante, and that this was the reason for her sudden resignation from office.

The details of this sordid affair are in the blog, Republican Uprising, which is a creation of Montana State Representative Matthew Monforton of Bozeman.   Once the national media start looking into this story, the party’s over for Mr. Bullock.  I suspect that will happen next week.  Stay tuned.

Unless I’m completely off base, there should be some action in the Alaska Senate race next week.  My analysis of this race should be up at American Thinker tomorrow.  This race is Joe Miller’s to lose.  I plan on meeting him for the first time on election night in Anchorage.  I hope to be able to see Don Young as well.  He’s remarried, very happily, and apparently as full of spit and vinegar as he’s always been.  They’re going to have to carry him out of the House of Representatives on a stretcher.  He does love his pork, but he’s also a good conservative, and always has been.  It’s been years since I’ve seen him.

The fly in this ointment is Donald Trump, and his awful numbers with women  voters.  They think he’s a sexist pig, and a bully.  I don’t know what he can do to change their minds.  He’s put himself in a pickle.

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