All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men

No one can out Trump back together again.  It’s over, and the sooner he realizes that, the better for all concerned.   I’m following Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s lead, and will write in Pence for President.  It’s the only honorable, and sensible, thing to do.  I remember the contempt I felt for people who excused Bill Clinton’s behavior with women.  Anyone who still stands by Trump deserves the same scorn.

Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway are in a tricky situation.  Ideally, Trump will soon recognize his candidacy is over, and advise the RNC that he declines to continue as the Republican candidate.  Party Rules would allow the Committee to select a replacement, which would naturally be Pence.  If that happened, Pence would win the Presidency, and Trump would have salvaged something from the mess he’s created.  But it needs to happen soon, and if it doesn’t Pence and Conway should both step down, and leave this buffoon on his own.

History will not be kind to Trump, and his whole brand.  There isn’t really any historical parallel.  His name will be up there with people like Aaron Burr, James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover.  And who wants to stay in a hotel with this sexual criminal’s name on it?  How are bookings going for that new Trump hotel in D.C.?   Any cancellations?

I think back to that crowd of 4,000 people who turned out to see him in Reno last Wednesday.  They were the truest of true believers.  A lot of them will continue to believe.  But not all.  They were just regular Americans, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, who want the best for their children and country.   They weren’t fanatics, they were patriots.  Many of them were Christians, who take their faith seriously.  How can they continue to associate themselves with this repulsive man?

I’m sure Pence and Trump will be talking with one another today.  Until the fruits of that conversation are known, everything is up in the air.  Except Trump’s candidacy.  That lies in ashes.

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