Get out. Now.

A while back I tried to draw a distinction between Bill Clinton, sexual criminal, and Donald Trump, a garden variety sexist pig.  I was wrong.  Grabbing women in the crotch is a sexual assault, as defined in the law.  Both Clinton and Trump are sexual predators.  Apparently they like to compare notes on their sexual exploits while enjoying a round of golf.  There is nothing to choose between them.

Because of personal flaws in my character, I have fantasized about punching Bill Clinton out, and mocking his cowardice.  Now I feel the same way about Trump.  He’s a little bigger than Clinton, and might not go down as easy, but in fact he’s a flabby pussy of a man, and he’d just go down a little harder.

It’s over for Trump, whether he realizes it or not.  Nothing he can do or say, and no black swan, can save him.  The sooner he gets out, the better for all concerned, including his family.  How does Ivanka feel about her father now?   He’s a pathetic excuse for a man, and the faster he gets off the stage the better for all concerned.

He’s said his campaign isn’t really about him, and a vote for Trump is really a vote for yourself.  But I’m not a sexual deviant, and Trump is, and he’s not me.  Has his whole campaign been an exercise in narcissism, or does he want to make America great again?  We’ll all find out soon enough.

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