Let’s make a deal, Donald

Trump is holding a wasting asset, the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.  The longer he holds on to it, the less it’s worth.  Every time people hear him bragging about sexually assaulting women, the greater the debacle that awaits him.  He won’t just lose.  He’ll get crushed, destroyed by the most unlikable and distrusted woman in America.  He’s made a fortune selling his brand, but his name will be a joke, like the Edsel.  Who wants to be associated with the greatest loser in American political history?

It’s impossible to say when all this becomes clear to him, but it can’t be more than a week.  He’s down 5 today, and will be down ten or more in a few days.  Donations will dry up.  He’ll draw crowds to his rallies, but the numbers will diminish.  The longer he waits, the worse it will get.

Trump never wanted to be President.  He wanted to be like an elected king, who would supervise his Prime Minister, Mike Pence.  To salvage himself, his brand, and his family, he must give that dream up, and settle for something far less, a king maker.  He, and he alone, can elect Pence President.  His followers wouldn’t like it, but that’s the best he can do for them.  If they accept his instruction, and vote for Pence, Trump will be able to take credit for helping to elect one of the most consequential Presidents in our history.  He will have made a huge deposit into the favor bank of the President of the United States.   He will have an honorable place in American history.  And what is his alternative?

It will be up to Ivanka and the rest of the family to convince him to do it.  It has to be done this week, before the third debate on the 19th.  In the mean time, Mike and Karen Pence, as well as Kellyanne Conway, are on a tightrope.  The only way out of this mess is for Trump to withdraw, and throw his support to Pence.  It’s the only out.  So Pence must hold his tongue and keep a stiff upper lip.  I don’t envy him the task.  But it’s the last best hope of saving the country from the Clintons.  Bill and Hillary are career political criminals, and will do great damage to this country, damage that it will take a generation to overcome.  A lot of good Americans will suffer.  Even greater damage to our institutions will be inflicted.  We’d get through it, but no one knows for sure if all the damage they do can be repaired.  It’s a perilous time for constitutional conservatives.

I’ve met people like Trump, but never associated with them.  Guys who talk like he does are losers.  A man who brags about his success with women is despised by real men.  At least that’s the way I was raised, and it was the culture I grew up in.  Maybe it’s different in Manhattan.  But I don’t really think so.

Where I was raised, grabbing women in the crotch is dangerous.  Women have husbands, and fathers, and brothers, and boy friends, and if you try that on the wrong woman you’re going to get your teeth kicked in.  If anybody ever did something like that to Babbie I’d beat him to within an inch of his life.  Things are different in Trump’s world, I guess.

Murkowski’s out with a phony Ivan Moore poll, showing her way up.  It’s not really a “poll”, more like a piece of campaign propaganda.  I won’t get into it, but she’s in trouble, and she knows it.  The Trump debacle hurts Joe Miller’s chances, but he wasn’t relying on Trump.  That was icing on the cake.  The Senate race in Alaska will be the most interesting in the country.

They’re in celebration mode in the Hive tonight.  It looks like they’ve pulled it off.  Electing Hillary Clinton President in 2016 was a tall order, but they were up to it.   They couldn’t have done it without Trump.  He was their indispensable man, and still is.  But if he’s smart enough to realize he’s being played, he can turn the tables on them, endorse Pence, and walk away a winner.

He’s smart, but is he that smart?

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