If you believe NBC, you’re a moron

They tell us the Trump Sex Tape was just discovered a few days ago.  God, they think we’re fools.  Maybe that’s what I hate the most about them, the way they think they’re fooling us.  Nobody’s fooled.  This has been in the works for a very long time.  I get the impression that NBC wanted to hold it for another week or two, when the damage it caused could not be recovered from.  But the Washington Post got wind of it, and broke it on Friday.  That was not the plan.  Because now the Republicans, and Trump, have an out.  If this had been released ten days from now, there would be no way out.  But for the next week, there is.  The WaPo is as stridently anti-Trump as any paper in the country.  But they do have some actual reporters there, who wouldn’t play NBC’s purely partisan game of timing.

I hope to see the real Trump tonight, the pissed off one.  Everybody says you’re supposed to be warm and friendly at these things, but I don’t think Trump’s got it in him, at least tonight.  I think Clinton will bait him, and he’ll bite her head off.  She’s certainly got it coming.   As the chief enabler of a serial sexual criminal she’s got a lot of explaining to do.  And she’ll come right back at him, and lay some more mud on him.  And back and forth.  This isn’t a Presidential Debate.  This is a reality TV show, featuring one of the stars of that medium, Donald Trump.

If it were fairly run, Trump would come out on top.  He hasn’t sold out his country to foreign governments for money.  He’s done some disgusting things, but he hasn’t done that, and she has.  He didn’t do Libya, with her displaying her inner Caesar  — “We came, we saw, he died.”  He didn’t do Benghazi, and then lie to the families of the American dead.  I hope Trump goes at her, hard.

He may hurt himself in the process, but he’ll never get elected anyway.  That sex tape ruined him.  He’s road kill.  All this talk about how this is just how ordinary guys talk in the locker room is bullshit.  As Jake Tapper of CNN said to a Trump apologist  —  he’s been in locker rooms and fraternities, and “I have never heard any man, ever, brag about being able to maul women because they get away with it.”   I’ll second that.   These guys like Jon Voight are probably pigs themselves, and do talk that way.   But most men don’t, and most men look down on the ones who do.

This guy  Voight is an idiot.  He tweeted, “Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert DeNiro’s ugly rant.”  What the hell is he talking about?  Who did DeNiro’s rant hurt?  Did it hurt Donald Trump’s feelings?   Like who cares.

He’ll wait to see the polls, but there’s no doubt about what they’ll say.  The women of this country can’t stand him, and he has no prayer without them.  I find that fitting, and just, in a way.

He has to withdraw in time for Pence to appear as the Republican nominee at the next debate.  As long as Trump withdraws before that debate, it’s still feasible, legally and politically.  He has, at the very most, ten days to make the  most important decision of his life.  If he won’t withdraw he’ll lose in a landslide, and take the Senate, and possibly the House, down with him.  Can you imagine the damage Clinton could do to this country with Democratic majorities in both Houses?  It really could be all over.  It could be the death of the Constitution.  Once it’s dead, can a Constitution be brought back to life?

Yes, the Framers gave us a way.  Article V would be the only way back to revive and restore the Constitution.  As bad as things would get under Clinton, maybe people will finally figure it out.

I hope it doesn’t come to that.  But if it does, we’ll all know who to blame.

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