The big lie

Was it locker room talk, or was it two swine bragging about sexual assault?   It doesn’t matter to some, but it is disqualifying to others.  So, when cornered by Anderson Cooper, Trump was forced to lie.  Asked if he’d ever groped or kissed women without their consent, he said, “No, I have not.”

That’s a lie.  The Democrats will show it to be a lie, and if a witness lies in one thing, a jury is instructed by the judge that they may disbelieve their entire testimony.   Trump is a pig, and a liar.  That will never change.  It’s who he is.  Enough women, and men, find that so disturbing that he will never get their vote.  I’m one of them.

Babbie and I watched the first half, and switched to Law and Order.  The country hit a new low last night.  I bailed out of the prognostication business when Trump won the nomination, so I’ll just wait to see the polls later in the week.

And, no, it’s not too late for Trump to drop out.  I’ll explain later, but it’s a live option for at least another week.  If Trump’s support among women craters, it will be the only hope of salvaging this election.

I exaggerated a bit in my last post, when I implied that I, like Jake Tapper, have been in fraternities and locker rooms.  I was never in a fraternity, and I never played a team sport.  My game was handball, and the few men I encountered after showering all studiously avoided looking at each other.  Hanging around a bunch of naked men never appealed to me.

So maybe if I had been in a fraternity, or played a team sport, I would have encountered swine like Trump and Billy Bush.  I have always been a confrontational person, and it would not have ended well.

We’re off to see our twelve year old granddaughter play a basketball game.  It won’t be too many years before she grows up to be one of those tall, slender, beautiful girls that Trump seems so attracted to.  If he was a bit younger, and got the chance, I can picture him assaulting her, as he has so many others.

But maybe I’m just old fashioned.  Maybe it’s not such a big deal.  To each his own.

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