The New Trump

He was a different man, 14 months ago, when he started his campaign.  At first, he wasn’t that serious, but he quickly learned he had the ability to tap in to long held grievances of a close to a majority of the Republican electorate.  And it was an electorate he could expand.   As the campaign wore on, and the momentum built, he bonded, in a way he never had before, with millions upon millions of ordinary, hard working Americans.  He was their voice, and bore a responsibility to them.  No one else would defend them, fight for them, and honor them.  He became a different man.

That’s his story, and those with more Christian charity than I have can believe it if they wish.  I think it’s pure B.S, but there’s a way for Trump to prove me wrong.  Withdraw, endorse Pence, and allow the Electoral College to save the country.  The Framers of the Constitution were an assembly of some of the finest minds in all history.  Every word, every clause, of the Constitution was thought through, carefully.  They tried to provide for every possible contingency, and it is for this reason that Section 1, of Article II, is written as it is.  Read it, carefully, as amended  by the 12th and 20th Amendments, and try to figure out why it reads as it does.  In those provisions of the Constitution is Trump’s, and the country’s, salvation.  But for it to work, he must withdraw.  This use of the Electoral College would be unprecedented, but so has everything else about this campaign.

I’m no business man, just a simple lawyer, but I’ve got to believe that having over half the country think you’re a swine is not good for business.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe bookings are up at the new Trump Hotel in D.C. that Ivanka built.  Those rooms look pretty pricey.  The Trump crowd I saw at the Reno rally didn’t seem to have many high rollers in it.  How’s business, Ivanka?  How is your foolish father’s antics affecting the bottom line?

The market had a minor meltdown today as the realization sunk in that the Republicans could lose the House.  Elizabeth Warren unchained.   If they get the House, sell the ranch, it’s over.  We’ll justly call it the Trump bear market.  His name will be mud.

I went through the 60’s, and all the Vietnam protests and riots.  We are more of a divided country now than we were then.  There is the Ruling  Class, and its allies and beneficiaries.  And there’s everybody else.  Which includes me, normal Republicans, and Trump, and his vast army of followers.  We’re on the same side, against the Ruling Class.  But I despise Trump, and his rabid fans hate me.  Together, we’re a majority.  But Trump can’t bring us together.  Only one man can.  Mike Pence, who is a normal Republican and a Trump man rolled into one.

I thought about fabricating a letter from Ivanka to her father, explaining why he had to withdraw.  I just got to spend some time with my twelve year old granddaughter, the love of my life.  I like to think that Ivanka and Trump have a relationship like I have with my granddaughter.  I’d do anything for her.  Trump would do it for her.

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