2020 foresight

As soon as this national enema is over, we can all look ahead to our next opportunity, four years from now.  Article V will hopefully be part of the political wave that, this time, we don’t screw up.   That’s the plan, at least.

Some good will be flushed down with the bad, and, barring a turn around, we’ll lose the Senate next month.  I don’t think we’ll lose the House, but that’s a guess.  I’d hate to see that happen.  It would be terrible for the country.  As useless as the Congressional Republicans are, Paul Ryan is a lot better than Nancy Pelosi.  But, on the other hand, if the D’s do get unbridled power, aided and abetted by a new liberal majority on the Supreme Court, they’ll screw things up so badly that 2018 could rival 1994 in terms of Republican success in the House.  The D’s should only have the Senate for two years, and, if they win the House, they’d lose it as well.  All setting things up nicely for the most consequential election of the century.  2020.

Even if Clinton wins big, I doubt we’d lose any state legislative chambers, at least none that matters for Article V.  And Clinton is extremely weak in Kentucky, so we should at last rid ourselves of the execrable Democratic Speaker, Greg Stumbo.  We could add Kentucky to our target list, and it might be the difference maker.

But it won’t matter until we take back the Senate.  Some on the Task Force disagree with me, but I think Majority Leader Schumer would use some pretext to refuse to aggregate our 34 Resolutions, and refuse to set a time and place for the Balanced Budget Amendment Convention.  Article V is an existential threat to the Ruling Class.  They’ll do anything to stop us.  This would cost them, politically, but I think they’d pay the price.  It’s that important to them.

But the new Republican Senate, elected in 2018, would aggregate, and at some point in 2019 the Amendment Convention will be held, an Amendment drafted and sent out for ratification.  The genie will be out of the bottle.  The people, and the State Legislators, will see with their own eyes what Article V is capable of.  It will help propel our Republican Presidential nominee to a landslide victory.

There will be a lot of discussion, between now and then, of what the Second Amendment Convention should cover.  The Convention of States has eight Resolutions in hand, and would like to go next.  But I don’t think people will be quite ready to go that far, not yet.  I think the second Article V Convention should propose one Amendment,  giving a supermajority of the States the power to overturn a Supreme Court decision.  60% sounds right to me.  This is just speculation, but I think by 2020 the liberal majority on the Supreme Court will have pissed so many people off that we’ll want to strike back at the phony bastards, parading around in their black robes, like priests.

Now if you’ve read this blog for a while you may be saying to yourself, Wait a minute.  Isn’t this the guy that swore up and down that Trump would never be nominated?   What the hell do you know about anything?  To which I respond, I underestimated them.  The Hive, and their shill, Trump, did this to our country, but it’s a temporary, and ultimately a very costly win. No President who has ever taken office in our history will be as disliked and distrusted  as she is.  She won for one, and only one, reason  — her opponent.  She’s another Carter, except some people actually liked Carter.  She’s the last of her line.  Look at the Democratic bench.  Tim Kaine, for God’s sake?

“Ah, I will vent my wrath against my foes and avenge myself on my enemies.  I will turn my hand against you; I will thoroughly purge your dross and remove all your impurities.  I will restore your leaders as in days of old, your rulers at the beginning.”  Isaiah 1.

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