Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots

The coming coronation of Hillary Clinton will be hard to take.  It almost makes you physically ill.  But it won’t kill us, so it will make us stronger.

On WADR I happened to catch clips of Senators Rubio, Portman and Toomey from their recent Senate campaign debates.  I like all of these guys, especially Marco the Natural.  What a gift he has.  He’s plenty smart enough, he just needs some seasoning.  But they were all good, and as they distanced themselves from the Sociopath they were sending a subtle message.  If Clinton wins, you’re going to want me in the Senate to hold her to account.  This message works, and I think the R’s can hold the Senate with it.

Watching these three guys was kind of inspirational.  They know the storms ahead, but they’re going to try and help the country through the next difficult four years.  Good on ’em.  This is not the time to shrink from the service of your country.  The Trump people should follow their example.  Your candidate didn’t win, but wasn’t his campaign supposed to be about something bigger than just him?  It was America first, last, and always.  There are other people besides Donald Trump who can sing that song.

It was on WADR a couple months ago that I first heard Donny Deutsch say that what Trump was doing was setting himself up to start a new television network.  I laughed it off.   That’s crazy.  Well, maybe not.  It does explain his recent behavior.  And then I ran across this piece by a blogger named Ann Barnhardt.  She argues, very persuasively, that this entire campaign has been about building the Trump brand.  It has the ring of truth about it.  Well, he’s pulling it off, and as far as Clinton in the White House goes, what does he care?  She’ll help him build his network, as he stokes the fires against her.

It’s hard not to get pissed off at this election, but the people of this country are going to get what they voted for, good and hard.  Maybe the next time they’ll pay more attention.

I’ll be in Montana next week, and I’ll have a chance to take a look at the Governor’s race.  It’s close, with Bullock over Gianforte by two, according to one poll.  This will be two weeks before the election, so it should be interesting.  Maybe I can figure out a way to help.  We want to make another run at Montana, and having the Governor in our corner will be an asset.

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