This too shall pass

How bad do things have to get before we’ve finally had enough?   In 2012, after four years of Obama, I thought the time had come, but I was wrong.  This year was it, though, for sure, or so I thought.  Then came Trump.  Wrong again.  Now I’m saying it will be 2020, and maybe the third time is the charm.

Romney was the wrong candidate four years ago.  Because of pushing RomneyCare in Massachusetts as its Governor, he was disqualified from attacking Obamacare.  That issue could have won him the election, but he was the one Republican who couldn’t use it.

Because, and only because, of Donald Trump we’re going to lose again.  The next four years were going to be a tough slog no matter what, with a lot of painful choices.  But now those choices won’t be made at all.  We’ll kick the can down the road for four more years.  Entitlements and the national, state, and municipal debt and pension obligations are ticking time bombs.  I don’t know when they go off, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in the next four years.  I just have the feeling that things are going to start falling apart.

Clinton and the Democrats will get the blame, and pay the price.  The wave of 2020 has to be so big that even the media can’t stop it.  Babbie has made me promise to stop making predictions, so I’ll leave it there.  But I feel it coming already.

And I keep waiting to have someone show me why our candidate is not Mike Pence.  What’s he done wrong?  Who’s mad at him?  He’s a normal and decent man, and I’m sure was as appalled at Trump’s behavior as I was.  But he had to suck it up, and carry on.  And I really don’t think he did it for himself.  I think there’s some genuine humility in :Pence.  I looked him square in the eye in Carson City, and I saw the true Mike Pence.  He’s the real deal.

I hope he and Kellyanne Conway stay together after the election.  They’ll need to set up a 501(c) (4) to raise funds.  Pence needs some income, and he can earn it through his chairmanship of this group.  He doesn’t need a lot of money.  He’s never had a lot of money, and he doesn’t need much now.  Enough to live on, and help pay off his kids’ college loans.  He ought to get a fat book contract as well.  He’s got a story to tell.  The revenue from the book will be more money than he’s ever seen in his life.

So what’s the purpose of his new group?  What’s he going to be working on?  Well, there’as this little thing called Article V.  Pence is a Hoosier, and for some reason Indiana has been a hotbed of Article V activity.  This is probably due to the work of State Senate President David Long.  For the last four years Long and Pence have worked together in the Indiana Legislature.  They probably trust each other.  After the election maybe David and Mike ought to get together and talk about the national emergency cord known as Article V.

To all of you watching the debate tonight, my hat’s off to you.  You’ve got stronger stomachs than I have.  I taped game five of the Toronto-Cleveland game, and I’ll be rooting for the Indians.

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