Let’s call the whole thing off

I get the feeling talking to regular people, the kind that don’t read blogs, that most people would take any, normal, half way reasonable person instead of the two we’re choosing between.  But people don’t want to start over.  They want our long national nightmare to be over, now. So I propose taking the names of our 50 Governors, dropping them in a hat, and picking one out to be President.  Yes, I’d take the Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, over these two weirdos.  Did you know that when Brown challenged Carter in the 1980 Democratic primaries he campaigned on using Article V to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment?  It was one of his three principal election themes.  But he got drowned out by Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy.   Somebody should ask Jerry how he feels about it today.

Publius Decius Mus is back at it.  Mus and Jonah Goldberg at NRO are in quite a tiff.  Such disparagement!  I’m with Jonah, because I’m an American and I’m not sure Mus is.  Because Mus thinks it’s over, we’ve lost our country.  And that kind of thinking is un-American.

Mus is not only a quitter, he’s not that bright.  He thinks demography and incumbency will beat us in 2020.  I think Mus must be some kind of monk.  He lives in a monastery, and reads books.  Maybe because he’s read all these books he thinks he knows something about politics.  The chapel bells are ringing, Brother Mus, time to return to cloister.

We’re going to kick their ass in 2020.  It’s almost enough to reconcile yourself with four more years of Clinton/Obama.  They’ll screw things up so badly we’ll get 400 electoral votes in 2020.  You heard it here first.

And, yes, we’ll get our Article V Amendment Convention out of the deal.  Bill Fruth will be in Virginia the next few days.  If he’s successful we could get that Convention sooner than you think.  This could be the tipping point.  It’s all on Bill, or “The Closer” as we call him.  This is a very smart man with some great ideas.

I’m re-reading “What it Takes” by Richard ben Cramer.  If you know someone who loves politics, this would be a great gift.  It’s about the 1988 Presidential election, and what it was like from the inside.   He follows Bush, Dole, Biden, Dukakis, Hart and Gephardt.   These guys opened up to him.  He got to know them, and their families, as people.  It’s amazing what people put themselves through in the pursuit of power and glory.  It can break up families, like it did to Hart.  That cost him the Presidency.  He was that good.

But the best part of the book is about Bob Dole.  It’s a mini-biography, and it is beautifully written.  Dole’s now an old fool, but in his prime he was quite a force.  That guy had more will power than any one I know of.  An amazing story.

Bob Dole was no quitter.

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