This is 1824 all over again

The Era of Good Feelings, from 1808-1824, was fairly uneventful, politically.  Eight years of Madison, then eight years of Monroe.  But it was also a time of the first corruption of the federal government.  And the principal sources of that corruption were the East Coast money men, and their Second Bank of the United States (1816-1836).   Andrew Jackson’s 1824 Presidential campaign was an attack on that corruption.  He won a plurality, but the election was taken from him by the House of Representatives, in the famous Corrupt Bargain that made John Quincy Adams our 6th President.

We’ve had 24 years of continuous corruption, aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve, the modern day version of the Second Bank of the United States.  Trump, warts and all, is another Jackson, an angry populist.  And in denying him the Presidency, the Establishment will have won only a tactical victory.  Jackson had four years to get ready, and in 1828 he won an election that was truly historic, ushering in the Age of Jackson, and the triumph of the common man.

2020 isn’t going to be like 1920, as I’ve been arguing.  It’s going to be like 1828, and will be the beginnings of a new political era in this country, one of decentralization.  And Article V will be leading the way.

Because of his pride, Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.  Because of his pride, Trump will never become President.  He should settle for that.

Mike Pence understands all this.  That’s how he and Kellyanne Conway manage to keep plugging away, with their chins held high.  He’s stumbled into the greatest political opportunity he could have ever dreamed of.  He knows how to do all this stuff.  He wanted to run for President, was ready to be President, but he was too normal, and normal never caught on.  Now normal is the new cool, as far as Presidential candidates go.

Gianforte had it all figured out, and looks to me like the next Governor of Montana. This is a smart man.  He’s going to be a great governor.  We need to make sure he’s up to speed on Article V.  That will be after the election.

The New Corrupt Bargain was the alliance of the media and the government against the people.  The government and the media feed off each other.  The media and the government are the same thing.  They won this round.  Now comes round two.

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