The benefit of hitting bottom

Bill Fruth, the BBA Task Force Iron Man, is learning a few things on his latest road trip.  The main lesson is that a Clinton Presidency may be what finally makes some people accept the “risk” of convening an Article V Amendment Convention.  There is no risk involved, but you can’t convince some people of that.  These are the Republican State Legislators who have blocked us in AZ, ID, MT, SC, VA, WI and WY.  They’re afraid the liberals and moderates will pull some trick on everyone, and wind up gutting the Constitution.  This is tinfoil hat stuff, but many of them have had this nuttiness drilled into them by the John Birch Society, and they won’t budge.

Until now, with the growing prospect of Clinton back in the White House and the Senate under Chuck Schumer.  Now they’re scared.  Now they think we’re losing the country, and are afraid we won’t ever get it back.  Now some of them at least are willing to take another look at Article V.

While I was off frittering away my time on the Cruz campaign, the Task Force, most notably Fruth and Loren Enns, was laying the groundwork for 2017, and things have never looked better.   We can actually get this done this year.  Virginia is the key.  They’re only in session six weeks next year, which in Virginia is an election year.  And some election year it will be.  In 2017 the Slimeball, Terry McAuliffe, will be seeking a second term as Governor, VP Tim Kaine’s replacement (probably Rep.Bobby Scott) will be seeking the right to serve an additional year in the U. S. Senate, and the entire House of Delegates and half the State Senate will be up for election.   A lot of politics goin’ on down theah.

But House Speaker Bill Howell is an ardent Article V man, and the politics of passing an Article V BBA Resolution in Virginia will never have been better.  And Fruth has a plan, a good one.  And if we get Virginia we are on our way, glory hallelujah, we’re on our way.  And if we get Virginia we’ll have Hillary Clinton to thank for it.  It won’t be the last gift she gives.  Her entire Presidency will be a gift.  It will be a complete mess, and in four years this country will be ready to throw her and her party out on its ear.

I didn’t see it happening like this.  This is not the way I figured it would all work.  But it makes sense.  There’s great polarization in this country.  A lot of people really hate each other.  And it’s not going to get any better.  Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can start back up.  And the ship of state is about to run aground.

I saw a poll today that made me feel better, feel like I’m not alone.  It compared Trump’s vote before and after the Access Hollywood tape.  Same pollster, two polls, one before, one after.  The big change was non-college white men.  He lost ten points in this, his base.  So I’m not the only one who realizes he’s a sexual predator who takes advantage of women.  Women like the wives, and daughters, and mothers of these guys.

When that tape came out the election was over.  The next two weeks are about the Senate, the House, the Governors, and the State Legislators.  A lot’s on the table.

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