The Mike Pence story

It’s never been told.  Obama’s written three autobiographical books, Pence none.  If you run for President, you have to write a book, and Pence is no exception.

I believe everybody who works for Trump’s campaign has to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  But Pence doesn’t work for Trump or his campaign, so he can give us the inside story of the circus we’ve all been witnessing.  He won’t have to get into the gory details, but they’ll be enough juicy stuff to sell a lot of books.  If he doesn’t get a $5 million advance he needs a new agent.  With that money he can relax for a while, and lay low, writing his book.  As far as the chaos which will soon engulf Washington, he can stay out of it, until he’s ready for the book tour, traveling all across the country.  It’ll be like a campaign, massaging donors and selling books.  Signing your book for someone is a way to guarantee their vote.  If Pence is elected President, that book will be a family heirloom.

Of course, he’ll want an occasional  break from all that book writing.  The BBA Task Force will ask him to go to South Carolina, for sure, to lobby the State Legislators on our behalf.  I’ll bet he’d be quite effective, and would make some good friends that might come in handy down the road.  We might ask him to go to Virginia as well.  Bill Fruth is getting the lay of the land there, and it turns out the Virginia Senate is as dysfunctional as South Carolina’s, and that’s saying something.  But Mike Pence could take care of it for us, if he’d be willing.

I’ve been writing this blog, and working with the BBA Task Force, for three years now.  For the very first time, I have complete confidence we’ll get to 34.  We see a path.  New obstacles may arise, this won’t be easy.  George Soros and company are determined to stop us, and they’ve got all the money in the world.  But like a lot of foreigners, Soros doesn’t understand this country, and how strong it is.  I honestly believe that this man hates the United States of America, and all that it stands for.  Because it’s better than anything he’s got, and he knows it.  So he wants to tear us down.  He hasn’t got a chance.

Rep. Matthew Monforton broke the Bullock sex scandal in Montana on his blog, Republican Uprising, on Sept. 27th.  Ten days later I wrote about it on this blog.  One reason for coming to Bozeman was to try to convince the Gianforte campaign to make use of it.  The day after I got here I was watching the NFL when a Gianforte commercial came on, using the stuff from Monforton in a very clever way.  They just didn’t tell Monforton they were going to do it.  These guys are obviously pros, and they don’t need any help from me.  So back to the Gold Country on Friday.

If all goes to plan something special will happen this summer, right before the Eclipse.  It could happen.

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