The new J. Edgar Hoover

Hoover had so much dirt on John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon that he was untouchable.   If Hoover was ever taken down, he’d take some big boys with him.  The FBI was as independent as could be, because he had files on half of Congress as well.  Nobody messed with Hoover.

James Comey has put himself in the catbird seat, and restored the Bureau’s independence.  If Clinton wins he can dump enough on her to get her impeached.  She’ll leave him, and the Bureau, alone, or else.  If Trump were to stumble into an upset, he probably doesn’t want to fool with Comey either.  Trump’s dirty too, just not as filthy corrupt as Clinton.  If anybody’s going to fire Comey they’d better be clean as a whistle.  Not too many are.

I don’t know if this move was made, in part, to quell a brewing insurrection within the Bureau.  Comey’s #2 is dirty, he’s taken McAuliffe money through his wife’s State Senate campaign.  The guys he aced out for the #2 job want a piece of his ass.  A lot of FBI guys are all pissed off about a lot of things.  This latest move by Comey lets out some steam.

It’ll cost Clinton a couple points, but not the election.  It just reinforces what everybody already knows.  She’s a lying criminal.  Ho, hum.  We all knew that.  Because Comey has given Clinton something to yell about, she can try to deflect the blame on him, by demanding a release of the basis of his decision.  But because an investigation is underway he won’t say any more, and Clinton is well aware of that.  She’s just putting on a diversion.  It will work well enough.  She’s got nothing else to say.

As a political spectator sport, 2016 has been the best ever.  Now we’re all waiting to see if they’ve got some more stuff on Trump, or some other crazy thing happens.  Right now you’d have to guess Clinton wins by a couple, getting Pennsylvania.  It’s amazing Trump could get that close.  Only because he’s up against Clinton.  Against a normal Democrat, like Biden, he’d be lucky to get 150 electoral votes.

I’m glad it’s going to be closer than it looked, pre-Comey.  I was worried we might lose some State Legislative Chambers.  But as our chances of holding the Senate improve, so do our chances down ballot, where it matters for Article V.  I’m counting on winning the Kentucky House, and making it a target.  I’ve met our man there, Jim DeCesare, and know a little bit about the Minority Leader, Jeff Hoover.  We’ll do fine in Kentucky.

Not as well as we did in Tennessee, though.  We totally kicked butt in Tennessee.  Fruth worked his ass off, and we got a unanimous vote in the Senate and only two nays in the House.  Fruth had these guys sold.  I got to meet our man in Tennessee, Rep. Dennis Powers, a couple years ago.  From Jackboro, an insurance agent, and the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet.  Babbie and I were touring Nashville later that year, and I stopped by his office near the State Capitol and left him a note of appreciation.

Of all the State Capitols I’ve visited I like Nashville the best.  It’s quite a place, and reeks of history.  One of our greatest Presidents, James K. Polk, is buried on its grounds.  Under Polk, we got Texas, California and Oregon, and practically all points in between.  How many Presidents can say that?

And the House Chamber is just beautiful, all old wood, with a vault for a ceiling.  It’s big, for a House of 99 members.  It’s a perfect restoration, and probably cost a fortune.  A lot of history was made in that chamber.  It’s one place I’d like to revisit.


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