At this point, what difference does it make?

I wouldn’t bet on it, but Trump may have a shot at winning.  I doubt he’ll get there because of one particular group of women.  They’re Republicans who live in the Philadelphia suburbs, and they’re his problem in Pennsylvania.  He’s sending his wife there to give a speech.  I doubt they’ll be impressed.

Republicans around country seem to be reconciling themselves to Trump, but not these women.  He’s only getting around 75% of Pennsylvania Republicans because of them.  If he can’t turn them around he’ll lose Pennsylvania, and the Presidency.  Good luck with that, Donald, they think you’re a pig in a wig.  Their memory of the Access Hollywood tape will not be erased, and that alone disqualifies you.  I don’t think they’ll ever vote for you.  If I’m wrong about that, this whack job could be President.

So we get some decent judicial appointments.  Whoop de do.  Is Chief Justice Roberts going to use his five member majority to restore the Constitution?  Good luck with that.  If Obamacare is constitutional, what isn’t?   The importance of the Court is overblown.. They’re not the real problem, and they’re sure as hell not the solution.

And our problem for the last eight years hasn’t really been Obama.  The problem is Congress.  It’s a parliament of whores.  90% of them, Republican and Democrat, are careerists more interested in winning elections than serving their country.  If you have majorities in both Houses of Congress you run the show.  You call all the shots.  Nothing happens that you don’t want to happen.  But that’s only if you do your duty.  If you want to secure reelection, above all else, you don’t rock the boat, you pay off the special interests that fund your campaigns, and you don’t piss anyone off by actually doing anything.

That’s Congress, and it’s not going to change no matter who is President.  Trump probably doesn’t realize it, but he’s not going to get anything done if he does win.  He’ll have less power than Obama, because the Courts won’t defer to him as they did with Obama.  And the problem is not the leadership, Ryan and McConnell.  The problem is the members.  They’re worse than worthless, and they’re why nothing gets done.  The House Freedom Caucus needs to realize that getting rid of Speaker Ryan isn’t going to do any good.  The real problem is the 90% of the Republican Caucus that is not part of the Freedom Caucus.

In his final argument for the Constitution, in Federalist 85, Hamilton closed with what he thought was the clinching argument in its favor.  Our freedom was assured, he said, because “We may safely rely on the disposition of the State legislatures to erect barriers against the encroachments of the national authority.”  The States, under Article V, would always be there to ride to the rescue.

The time is ripe.

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