The benefit of hitting bottom

Bill Fruth, the BBA Task Force Iron Man, is learning a few things on his latest road trip.  The main lesson is that a Clinton Presidency may be what finally makes some people accept the “risk” of convening an Article V Amendment Convention.  There is no risk involved, but you can’t convince some people of that.  These are the Republican State Legislators who have blocked us in AZ, ID, MT, SC, VA, WI and WY.  They’re afraid the liberals and moderates will pull some trick on everyone, and wind up gutting the Constitution.  This is tinfoil hat stuff, but many of them have had this nuttiness drilled into them by the John Birch Society, and they won’t budge.

Until now, with the growing prospect of Clinton back in the White House and the Senate under Chuck Schumer.  Now they’re scared.  Now they think we’re losing the country, and are afraid we won’t ever get it back.  Now some of them at least are willing to take another look at Article V.

While I was off frittering away my time on the Cruz campaign, the Task Force, most notably Fruth and Loren Enns, was laying the groundwork for 2017, and things have never looked better.   We can actually get this done this year.  Virginia is the key.  They’re only in session six weeks next year, which in Virginia is an election year.  And some election year it will be.  In 2017 the Slimeball, Terry McAuliffe, will be seeking a second term as Governor, VP Tim Kaine’s replacement (probably Rep.Bobby Scott) will be seeking the right to serve an additional year in the U. S. Senate, and the entire House of Delegates and half the State Senate will be up for election.   A lot of politics goin’ on down theah.

But House Speaker Bill Howell is an ardent Article V man, and the politics of passing an Article V BBA Resolution in Virginia will never have been better.  And Fruth has a plan, a good one.  And if we get Virginia we are on our way, glory hallelujah, we’re on our way.  And if we get Virginia we’ll have Hillary Clinton to thank for it.  It won’t be the last gift she gives.  Her entire Presidency will be a gift.  It will be a complete mess, and in four years this country will be ready to throw her and her party out on its ear.

I didn’t see it happening like this.  This is not the way I figured it would all work.  But it makes sense.  There’s great polarization in this country.  A lot of people really hate each other.  And it’s not going to get any better.  Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can start back up.  And the ship of state is about to run aground.

I saw a poll today that made me feel better, feel like I’m not alone.  It compared Trump’s vote before and after the Access Hollywood tape.  Same pollster, two polls, one before, one after.  The big change was non-college white men.  He lost ten points in this, his base.  So I’m not the only one who realizes he’s a sexual predator who takes advantage of women.  Women like the wives, and daughters, and mothers of these guys.

When that tape came out the election was over.  The next two weeks are about the Senate, the House, the Governors, and the State Legislators.  A lot’s on the table.

This is 1824 all over again

The Era of Good Feelings, from 1808-1824, was fairly uneventful, politically.  Eight years of Madison, then eight years of Monroe.  But it was also a time of the first corruption of the federal government.  And the principal sources of that corruption were the East Coast money men, and their Second Bank of the United States (1816-1836).   Andrew Jackson’s 1824 Presidential campaign was an attack on that corruption.  He won a plurality, but the election was taken from him by the House of Representatives, in the famous Corrupt Bargain that made John Quincy Adams our 6th President.

We’ve had 24 years of continuous corruption, aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve, the modern day version of the Second Bank of the United States.  Trump, warts and all, is another Jackson, an angry populist.  And in denying him the Presidency, the Establishment will have won only a tactical victory.  Jackson had four years to get ready, and in 1828 he won an election that was truly historic, ushering in the Age of Jackson, and the triumph of the common man.

2020 isn’t going to be like 1920, as I’ve been arguing.  It’s going to be like 1828, and will be the beginnings of a new political era in this country, one of decentralization.  And Article V will be leading the way.

Because of his pride, Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.  Because of his pride, Trump will never become President.  He should settle for that.

Mike Pence understands all this.  That’s how he and Kellyanne Conway manage to keep plugging away, with their chins held high.  He’s stumbled into the greatest political opportunity he could have ever dreamed of.  He knows how to do all this stuff.  He wanted to run for President, was ready to be President, but he was too normal, and normal never caught on.  Now normal is the new cool, as far as Presidential candidates go.

Gianforte had it all figured out, and looks to me like the next Governor of Montana. This is a smart man.  He’s going to be a great governor.  We need to make sure he’s up to speed on Article V.  That will be after the election.

The New Corrupt Bargain was the alliance of the media and the government against the people.  The government and the media feed off each other.  The media and the government are the same thing.  They won this round.  Now comes round two.

Let’s call the whole thing off

I get the feeling talking to regular people, the kind that don’t read blogs, that most people would take any, normal, half way reasonable person instead of the two we’re choosing between.  But people don’t want to start over.  They want our long national nightmare to be over, now. So I propose taking the names of our 50 Governors, dropping them in a hat, and picking one out to be President.  Yes, I’d take the Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, over these two weirdos.  Did you know that when Brown challenged Carter in the 1980 Democratic primaries he campaigned on using Article V to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment?  It was one of his three principal election themes.  But he got drowned out by Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy.   Somebody should ask Jerry how he feels about it today.

Publius Decius Mus is back at it.  Mus and Jonah Goldberg at NRO are in quite a tiff.  Such disparagement!  I’m with Jonah, because I’m an American and I’m not sure Mus is.  Because Mus thinks it’s over, we’ve lost our country.  And that kind of thinking is un-American.

Mus is not only a quitter, he’s not that bright.  He thinks demography and incumbency will beat us in 2020.  I think Mus must be some kind of monk.  He lives in a monastery, and reads books.  Maybe because he’s read all these books he thinks he knows something about politics.  The chapel bells are ringing, Brother Mus, time to return to cloister.

We’re going to kick their ass in 2020.  It’s almost enough to reconcile yourself with four more years of Clinton/Obama.  They’ll screw things up so badly we’ll get 400 electoral votes in 2020.  You heard it here first.

And, yes, we’ll get our Article V Amendment Convention out of the deal.  Bill Fruth will be in Virginia the next few days.  If he’s successful we could get that Convention sooner than you think.  This could be the tipping point.  It’s all on Bill, or “The Closer” as we call him.  This is a very smart man with some great ideas.

I’m re-reading “What it Takes” by Richard ben Cramer.  If you know someone who loves politics, this would be a great gift.  It’s about the 1988 Presidential election, and what it was like from the inside.   He follows Bush, Dole, Biden, Dukakis, Hart and Gephardt.   These guys opened up to him.  He got to know them, and their families, as people.  It’s amazing what people put themselves through in the pursuit of power and glory.  It can break up families, like it did to Hart.  That cost him the Presidency.  He was that good.

But the best part of the book is about Bob Dole.  It’s a mini-biography, and it is beautifully written.  Dole’s now an old fool, but in his prime he was quite a force.  That guy had more will power than any one I know of.  An amazing story.

Bob Dole was no quitter.

The Alpha Male TV Network

Trump has spent the better part of his life, if not all of it, demonstrating that he is the alpha male, the silver back, the top wolf in the pack, the one that gets all the females.  It’s his brand, his identity.  Maintaining his status gives meaning to his life, and makes him a star.

This explains last night, and the whole campaign.  Alpha males don’t do humility.  That’s for the omegas.  When he was describing his Supreme Court picks, he was deferring to them, and to all the conservatives who demanded this loyalty test.  He really doesn’t care about the Constitution, or the intent of the Founding Fathers.  He was just doing what he needed to do, and it may have grated on him.  That’s not how alpha males act.

So when he was asked about accepting defeat, if it came, he couldn’t do the normal, sensible thing, and agree to bow to the will of the people.  He had to be the alpha man, and tell everyone he’d let them know down the road.  A tone of defiance, of refusal to ever give up.

He probably knew it wasn’t smart politics, but he’ll be out of the politics business soon, and back to being a star.  He and Bannon will create a new news network, with Roger Ailes helping out.  Some Fox News talent may sign on, and there are plenty of people who would like to get a piece of the action.  “Saturday Night With Dr. Ben Carson”  may be coming to a TV screen near you.

This network will have Trump as its leading man, and his image, his brand, must be maintained and elevated at all costs.  If it means Clinton wins the Presidency, so what?  The next four years are going to be a mess, no matter who’s President.  His audience is the 35% of the population who believe in him, and hate Clinton, and he’ll use that belief and that hatred to get and keep an audience that will make him a lot richer than he already is.  And all the while, the constant stoking of his ego.

As I believe I’ve pointed out, a complete sociopath.

As Derek Hunter of Townhall points out, the system is most certainly rigged.  About 15 years ago Evan Thomas of Newsweek admitted publicly that the media advantage for the Democrats was worth about 15 points.  The only way you overcome a disadvantage that big is with a political landslide, which is what I hope we see in 2020.

Actually, to give the devil his due, the new Trump Network may help.  Pence is my man, why isn’t he theirs?

Off to Bozeman on Saturday, and a Monday meeting with our man in Montana, Rep. Matthew Monforton.  In the spring of 2014 the Reagan Project, with the support of the National Tax Limitation Committee, sent letters to every Republican candidate running in a Montana Legislative primary.  There must have been 150 of them.  We got one reply, from Matthew.  He was the only one of these candidates who understood what the letter was about, which was Article V.

These people need a lot of education.


This too shall pass

How bad do things have to get before we’ve finally had enough?   In 2012, after four years of Obama, I thought the time had come, but I was wrong.  This year was it, though, for sure, or so I thought.  Then came Trump.  Wrong again.  Now I’m saying it will be 2020, and maybe the third time is the charm.

Romney was the wrong candidate four years ago.  Because of pushing RomneyCare in Massachusetts as its Governor, he was disqualified from attacking Obamacare.  That issue could have won him the election, but he was the one Republican who couldn’t use it.

Because, and only because, of Donald Trump we’re going to lose again.  The next four years were going to be a tough slog no matter what, with a lot of painful choices.  But now those choices won’t be made at all.  We’ll kick the can down the road for four more years.  Entitlements and the national, state, and municipal debt and pension obligations are ticking time bombs.  I don’t know when they go off, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in the next four years.  I just have the feeling that things are going to start falling apart.

Clinton and the Democrats will get the blame, and pay the price.  The wave of 2020 has to be so big that even the media can’t stop it.  Babbie has made me promise to stop making predictions, so I’ll leave it there.  But I feel it coming already.

And I keep waiting to have someone show me why our candidate is not Mike Pence.  What’s he done wrong?  Who’s mad at him?  He’s a normal and decent man, and I’m sure was as appalled at Trump’s behavior as I was.  But he had to suck it up, and carry on.  And I really don’t think he did it for himself.  I think there’s some genuine humility in :Pence.  I looked him square in the eye in Carson City, and I saw the true Mike Pence.  He’s the real deal.

I hope he and Kellyanne Conway stay together after the election.  They’ll need to set up a 501(c) (4) to raise funds.  Pence needs some income, and he can earn it through his chairmanship of this group.  He doesn’t need a lot of money.  He’s never had a lot of money, and he doesn’t need much now.  Enough to live on, and help pay off his kids’ college loans.  He ought to get a fat book contract as well.  He’s got a story to tell.  The revenue from the book will be more money than he’s ever seen in his life.

So what’s the purpose of his new group?  What’s he going to be working on?  Well, there’as this little thing called Article V.  Pence is a Hoosier, and for some reason Indiana has been a hotbed of Article V activity.  This is probably due to the work of State Senate President David Long.  For the last four years Long and Pence have worked together in the Indiana Legislature.  They probably trust each other.  After the election maybe David and Mike ought to get together and talk about the national emergency cord known as Article V.

To all of you watching the debate tonight, my hat’s off to you.  You’ve got stronger stomachs than I have.  I taped game five of the Toronto-Cleveland game, and I’ll be rooting for the Indians.