The howl of the dying witch

No matter who wins this election, the Clintons are going down.  The FBI took out Nixon.  He had it coming.  It will take down Clinton, in much the same way.  If you’re running a crime family, you don’t want to piss off the FBI.  Big mistake.  Like David Goldman at PJ Media, I tip my hat to these patriots.  Somebody still believes in this country.

The Clintons, Obama, and the left in general don’t love their country, not the way normal Americans do.  From the day the English landed at Jamestown, 409 years ago, we’ve taken the land that once belonged to the Native Americans.  And just twelve years later, in 1619, we imported our first black slaves.  And the labor of those black slaves produced most of the wealth in our early history.   That wealth was not only the backbone of the Southern way of life, it provided capital for the North, and fueled the entire economy.  Of all the people of the world, black Africans were the only ones capable of performing this labor.  The Mason-Dixon Line is also roughly the malaria line.  South of it, malaria was a debilitating and even deadly disease.  But not for black Africans.  They came from lands infested with malaria, and had evolved special genetic defenses against it.  This special genetic endowment allowed blacks to thrive, even in slavery.  Their numbers increased exponentially, and at the time of the Revolution a full one quarter of Americans were black.  I remember reading a book by a black American journalist who had spent a lot of time in Africa.  He said he got down on his knees and thanked God his ancestors were brought to this country.  And he was right.  It’s their country just as much as it is mine, and it’s the best one around.

So, like most normal Americans, I’m glad my black fellow citizens have full and equal rights.  I’m going to treat them the same way I treat every other fellow citizen, no better, no worse.  But the left is on a guilt trip about slavery.  They won’t give up on it.  They’re like some Jews are about the Holocaust.  They won’t let it go.  So the left insists on giving special treatment to blacks, as a form of reparations.  But it does more harm than good.  But they don’t care.  The race hustlers and the Democrats, in on the scam together.  The black grievance industry.  It gets a lot of votes.  The blacks actually don’t get much out of it, and some of them, like Jason Riley of the WSJ, are trying to show what’s really going on.  The truth will out.

Which gets me back to the Clintons, and their death knell.  The truth will out.  And justice will be served.

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