Is that all there is?

I can’t quite understand a lot of the hysteria surrounding this election, as though end times are at hand, and the world will go all to hell if one or the other of these disgraceful people is elected.  This election has no significance, and neither do either of the candidates.  Regardless of who wins, some very difficult days lie ahead.  But we’ll get by.  We always do.  What’s the alternative?

My political life began in 1960, when we elected a charismatic young Senator who had no idea of what he was doing, and got us on to the path to disaster in Vietnam.  Then he was assassinated, a wound that still festers for those my age.  Johnson took over, and the debacle in Southeast Asia came to a head.  He lied about the war, just like he lied about everything else, and was hounded out of office, a national disgrace.  Then the criminal Nixon, the inept Ford, and the fool Carter.  We had eight good years with the Gipper, then the feckless Bush 1.  Then the Clinton crime family had eight years in power, followed by the half witted Bush 2, and then the man who didn’t really like the country he was elected to lead, Barack Obama.  And you’re telling me four more years of this garbage is what is going to finally be the downfall of America?  Rubbish.

Trump’s drawing to an inside straight, and could get lucky.  So what?  Don’t talk to me about judicial appointments.  Judges only run this country when the people actually responsible for running it, in Congress, refuse to do their job.  Give me a Congress with a will, and a leader, and we’ll take this country back, otherwise forget it.  Trump has no idea of what’s involved in being a successful President.  He’s a celebrity, with no real talent, another Kardashian.  He’s run a celebrity campaign, and would be a celebrity President, and a total failure.  If you want to know what kind of a Presidency to expect, look at the way the President-elect ran his campaign, what kind of candidate he was.  Trump is only able to discipline himself for short periods of time, then he gets bored, and wants to do his lounge act.  Since he’s a “Republican” he’d screw things up for the whole party.

The one thing he would do is get us an Article V Convention, but it would not be by design.  He wouldn’t lift a finger to help us get to 34 States.  What’s in it for him?  But with Trump in the White House, and the R’s running Congress, we’d finally get some Democratic legislators to vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment.  It would be a way to restrain Trump’s spending, so they’d like that.  They just don’t want a Democratic President’s spending habits restricted.

But we’re going to get to 34 before long, and when we do it will be the most significant political event since the R’s took Congress in 1994.   What we need is another Newt Gingrich, not another Ronald Reagan.  A month from now I’ll be in D.C, reporting live from Article V Central.  It will be remembered as the tipping point in this whole campaign, which Lew Uhler started nearly 40 years ago.

This election is the reverse of the World Series, where you want both teams to win.  Most Americans want both of these people to lose.  Baseball’s more fun than politics.


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