Donald J. Trump will you please go now?

This election is a result of an act of sabotage against the Republican Party.  The saboteur is the media Hive, specifically NBC News.  The weapon used was the Access Hollywood tape that destroyed the Republican nominee’s chances.  This tape had been in NBC’s possession for many years, and was held in reserve for use at the point when it could do maximum damage.  Had this tape been released before the end of the Republican primaries, someone other than Trump would be the nominee, and the victor in today’s election.

This has got to be the message of the 2016 election.  It was stolen, by the Hive, and given to Clinton.  She has no political legitimacy.  Legally, she’ll be President, but it will be in name only.  When she speaks, the nation won’t listen.  2/3 of the country has tuned her out before she’s even elected.

Trump has no political future, and will be allowed to recede  — soon!  soon!  —  into the bad and fading memory of a dark night.  He’ll do his best to hang on to the spotlight,  but it’s all down hill from here.  He’s got his fans, but no one with any sense will pay attention to a thing he says.  Any man with half a brain could have won this election.  It takes somebody pretty special to lose to Hillary Clinton.  You’ve got to be stupid in a very special way.

Pence, or someone, will realize that this election was about a reassertion of American nationalism.  Nationalism scares some people.  But all nations of the world act in their own best interest, and that’s all that nationalism is.  In this country the way we express our nationalism is by saying we believe in America first and foremost, last and always.  It’s not complicated.  All policies are founded on a bedrock of self interest.  What’s in the best interests of the American people?

If that is not the basis of your policy, what is?



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