I’ll take the crow, with pleasure

It’s delicious.  I’ve had my hopes dashed a lot since Reagan.  Bush I was no conservative, and squandered the Reagan legacy.  Once Bill Clinton was revealed as a sexual predator, I was convinced an honorable  man like Dole would beat him.  Bush II was worse than his father, and in eight years ruined the Republican brand.   McCain was a lost cause, and Romney lost a race he should have won.  I got so used to losing that I gave up on Trump when the Access Hollywood tapes came out.

Trump is no Bill Clinton, who’s in the lowest circle of hell, which is reserved for those with the sin of treachery.  But Clinton won reelection  because voters believed his Presidency was in their personal best interest.  His personal faults were deplored, but he delivered peace and prosperity, so they were overlooked.  People may deplore Trump’s personal behavior, but they believed he had answers to our problems, and that was more important to them and their families.

A lot of good things will be happening in Washington before long, but the most important impact of this election will be on Article V, the vehicle for restoring States Rights, or federalism, the foundation of the Constitution.  We expected to win the Kentucky House, which will get us to 34.  Because of Trump coattails, it looks like we’ll win the Minnesota Senate, by one vote.  If that holds up, Minnesota will be our 35th, meaning we don’t need Maryland.  We’ll have 34 without them.

It’s been a long three years, for me, personally.  When Obamacare crashed as soon as it was implemented, I figured the tide had turned.  It was the signature issue for the Progressives, and its implosion was all theirs.  It won the Senate for us two years ago, and it may have been the issue that tipped this Presidential election.

A guy like Donald Trump never fit into my calculations.  We’re both old dogs, and he taught me a new trick.  Congratulations to President-elect Trump, his family, his campaign team, and his legions of supporters.  We’re taking our country back.


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