Prime Minister Pence

A parliamentary system, which separates the duties of Head of State and Head of Government, has its advantages.  The King, or Emperor, or Sultan, or President  — the Head of State  — has largely ceremonial duties, allowing the Prime Minister, or Grand Vizier  — the Head of Government — to do his job full time, which is running the government.  Most countries of the world have parliamentary forms of government.  It may, in fact, be more efficient.

We may be about to find out right here in the USA.  Trump has no interest in actually running the government.  He’s going to be busy as Head of State, traveling around, Making America Great, and having the time of his life.  He’ll spend most of his time in Manhattan or on the road.  The White House will be where he stays when he’s hosting an official function, or is otherwise tied up in Washington.  No one will object, saying that he’s ignoring his constitutional responsibilities by delegating them to his Prime Minister, Vice President Mike Pence.  In fact, of course, everyone in the entire country will be happy that he’s chosen this course.  The people who love him will love him no matter what he does, and will be glad to see him enjoying himself.  God knows he’s earned it.  The people who hate and fear him  hope that he has absolutely nothing to do with running the government.

He and his inner circle will decide what they want, and then Pence and the rest of Trump World will set about getting it done.  Nothing is done without his permission.  Every initiative must receive his approval.  He sets goals, selects individuals to achieve them, and then exercises only a supervisory function.  He wants results, and will judge everyone in his administration by that standard.

This all became clear with the replacement of Christie by Pence as head of transition.  Jared Kushner gets his final revenge.  The damage done to his own father has been avenged.  And he made it happen. His father is very proud of him right now, and Jared is nothing if not a dutiful son.

Reince Priebus as Trump’s Chief of Staff is another tell.  The Prime Minister must work with the legislative branch, and Priebus is a Ryan guy.  Relations with Congress will go smoothly.  Pence is an old mentor of Ryan, and they will work hand in glove.  If Kellyanne Conway becomes Pence’s Chief of Staff she’ll be the most powerful woman in Washington.  I hope she gets it.  It would all fit together so nicely.  One can hope.

I guess Bannon is Trump’s consigliere and media consultant, which will suit him just fine.  If Trump appoints Cruz to the Scalia seat the whole picture will be perfect.  A presidential administration taking form without a hitch.  Add a little Article V spice to the mix and all will be complete.  We’ll have set the table for 2017, a year of political accomplishment that will be historic.

Babbie and I got to see our granddaughters, and their new house.  The older will spend the next eight years there, the younger ten.  I gave my twelve year old an assignment.  I asked her to read Article V of the Constitution, and try to understand what it meant.  And from that, can she figure out what it is that  I’ve been talking to her about for the last three years.  She’s pretty smart.  I bet she gets it.

Most people could, if they ever read Article V, and thought about it.


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