Square pegs, round holes, and Senator Ted Cruz

I’ve been a lawyer for 42 years, but only actively practiced law for the first six.  I’m not cut out to be a lawyer.  I got into politics in 1980, and have tried to do as little law as possible ever since.  Lawyers are quibblers.  I did enjoy getting in front of a jury, but other than that I hated the whole thing.  I like politics, and that’s what I’m good at.

Ted Cruz is the opposite of me.  He’s a born quibbler, and relishes a good fight over some obscure technicality of the law.   He’d be a fabulous law professor, a great Supreme Court Justice, and an excellent Attorney General.  He’s a lousy United States Senator.  When 95% of your colleagues hate you, personally, you’re in the wrong job.  I think Cruz, deep down, realizes that.

The word is that Trump is going to pick a Justice from the list he came up with during the campaign, and Cruz is not on that list.  But who’s going to go into the Justice Department and hose down that stable full of leftists?   Giuliani doesn’t seem to want it, and Jeff Sessions might want to stay in the Senate and keep an eye on Mitch McConnell.

Outside of his family, who does Trump really trust?  His Prime Minister, Mike Pence.  What does Pence think of Cruz?  He supported him for President, even when he could see the Trump tsunami coming.  Another man Trump has absolute confidence in is Jeff Sessions, who’s served in the Senate with Cruz for four years.  He’s no fan of Cruz as a Senator, but Sessions, an outstanding attorney in his own right, knows a brilliant lawyer when he sees one.

The fly in the ointment is lack of trust by Trump himself.  He trusted Christie, and he trusts Sessions.  But I don’t think there’s another candidate for AG out there who Trump does trust.  Ted Cruz is an honorable and decent man, who Trump hurt, personally, by attacking his father.  Appointing Cruz as Attorney General would be an act of grace and magnanimity.

Jared Kushner is handy with a knife.  He’s wanted a piece of Chris Christie’s ass for over ten years, and he just carved out a big piece of it.  An absolutely masterful performance by young Kushner, and a great public service, as well.  This is a man to watch.

I just spoke with David Eastman, a 35 year old Representative-elect from Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley.  A young man of high ideals, and ambition.  I hope to see him at ALEC.  I may have something in mind for him.


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