A New Team of Rivals

If Romney gets State, and Cruz is AG, Trump will be acting in the tradition of  Abraham Lincoln.  Most of the country didn’t want Lincoln.  He only won 40% of the vote, but was elected because his opposition was split three ways.  In a sense, that election of the first Republican President was the only instance of a third party achieving its goals in our history.

Rather than appoint loyalists to his cabinet, Lincoln chose from among the men he beat, most prominently Secretary of State Seward (beloved by all Alaskans).  These were the famous “team of rivals” who helped him save the Union.  They were patriots, devoted with Lincoln to winning the Civil War, and freeing the slaves.  All in all, they served Lincoln, and the country, well.

The market’s acting like it did with Reagan, and he started a bull market that lasted from 1982-2001.  It was a period of the greatest wealth accumulation in American history.  A market is made, in part, on the animal spirits of the country.  We’re in an era of rational exuberance.  There is an enormous amount of pent up energy in this country, and we’re going to see an entrepreneurial boom.

In other words, the time is ripe for Article V.  It’s a time for bold action, for fundamental reform.  And the best part is, it’s going to be bipartisan.  Jerry Brown of California is an Article V man, and he’s in a position to lead the Democratic Party in a new direction.  The Sanders Democrats, such as those at Wolf-Pac, are all in on Article V.  Left and right agree on that.  We want to take power away from the center, and Article V is the way to do it.

On a Heartland Institute call today a woman named Vicki Deppe reported on her organizing efforts in the Illinois Legislature.  She’s got 27 sponsors, and almost half of them are Democrats.  She was saying how Illinois only gets 50 cents back on every dollar it ships to Washington, and they’ve had enough.  Here’s the weird part  — the Article V Resolution she’s working on is the most radical, extreme version of Article V, the so-called Convention of States Resolution.  If she can sell that, Article V is really on a roll.  And it’s bipartisan.

Republicans will have total control of the federal purse strings for the next four, six, eight years?   The Democrats would be better off retreating to their coastal enclaves, and leave the rest of America alone.  That’s all we really want, to be left alone.  We’re a big and diverse country, with distinct regional differences.  The secret of federalism is that it’s a way for everybody to get along.  It’s tolerance.

When I think of an inner circle which includes the Trump family, Pence, Conway, Bannon, Priebus, Romney and Cruz, with more to come, this could  be one hell of an administration.

But the Article V movement, or the Reagan Project, as I call it, is not looking for help from Trump, or anybody else in Washington.  We’re going to be bipartisan, and the Democrats can’t stand Trump.  We want to keep our distance from him.  This is not his movement, it’s ours.  And I can feel it growing.  And part of that is because of Trump.  We got the Minnesota Senate because of him, and that was huge.  He disavowed Article V early in his campaign, to gain the support of Phyllis Schlafly.   She’s gone now, and nobody really cares what she thinks.  But that’s still his position.   I hope he keeps to it.  We’re a bottom up movement, and don’t want any help from the top.

The days are pretty short right now, but in a month they’ll start getting longer.  That’s the Alaskan in me thinking.

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