Donald the Dyslectic

I think Trump’s dyslexia has made him what he is today.   Dyslexics have trouble reading, for some reason.  It has nothing to do with intelligence.  A person I know as well as anyone in this world is dyslexic, and he’s as smart as anybody.  He just doesn’t like to read.  He’s been this way his whole life, and I just realized it’s because he’s dyslexic.  It explains so much.

This is why Trump is so insecure.  When he started school, he couldn’t do as well as was expected of him, because he had trouble reading.  He’s always had difficulty reading, all through school, and all through life.  He was probably teased about being dumb when he was a kid.  When I heard him brag about going to the Wharton School of Business at a rally, I couldn’t believe my ears.  Who brags about something as trivial as that?  And I’m pretty sure he’s talked in general terms about his intelligence, and his good genes.  Who does that?  Someone who is incredibly insecure.  And if you’re insecure you compensate in a variety of ways.  By being a bully, a tough guy, a ruthless competitor, a conqueror of women, a celebrity, a President.

I’m not worried about his insecurity preventing him from being a very successful President.  Nixon was the most insecure man to occupy the Oval Office, and it helped lead to his downfall.  But Trump’s family, along with his inner circle, is our best insurance policy.  No worries.

The inner circle around a President is our last line of defense against a lunatic.  Henry Kissinger tells the story, in one of his books, of one of Nixon’s last nights in the White House.  He was going to resign, and he was losing it.  He got drunk and told Kissinger (who, because he was a Jew, had been frozen out of a role on Israeli policy as National Security Adviser) to immediately cut off all aid to Israel.  He was all pissed off about something, and Kissinger, Haldemann and Ehrlichman all ignored him.  It was never mentioned again.

People think dyslexics aren’t smart because they don’t read books, but that’s not true.  Some dyslexics, like Trump, are geniuses.  It may not show up on an IQ score, because of their difficulty with the written word.  But they can be just as smart as anyone.  A lot of disdain that people like me have had for Trump is based on his ignorance.  A man who doesn’t read books doesn’t have as much knowledge as a man who does, and book lovers like me know more facts, and have more information, than a non-reader.

So we’ve been looking down on him because he has a learning disability.  Well, he’s certainly overcome it, in spades.  He’s learned to compensate.




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