I’m ‘Enery the Eighth I am

Man of mystery Steve Bannon is peaking out of the shadows at the Hollywood Reporter.  This is my kind of guy, smarter than hell.  A little rough on the edges, but aren’t we all?

Normal America and the coastal elites live in two different worlds, and are not fond of one another.  The Media Hive, led by its Queen, the NYT, convinced their public, and the Clintons, that Trump could never become President, so no worries.  But outside of their little castles, and thus unbeknownst to them, Donald Trump was speaking to the American peasantry in their own language, and they were going to deliver him the Rust Belt, and the election.

Bannon had this all figured out.  And it wasn’t racial.  Scott Adams of Dilbert fame points out an article (hat tip, Instapundit) that proves that.   Trump improved on Romney in every racial category, not just whites.  Actually, his improvement in black, Latino and Asian voting percentages was higher than his improvement among whites.

But I do believe the number of whites who strongly identify themselves as White Americans is increasing.  Whites are a solid voting bloc in the Deep South.  They’re all Republicans, and in places like Alabama and Mississippi the Democrats are basically the black party.  This attitude is spreading north, and partly accounts for our pickup of the Kentucky House.  White Democrats are an endangered species in almost all of the South now.  This attitude is seeping into Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio.  If it spreads any further north, into the heart of the Rust  Belt, the Democrats are in big trouble.  Demography may be destiny,  but the destination may turn out to be different than the deep thinkers thought.

Bannon’s a history buff, and compares himself to Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors.  Thomas Cromwell served Henry VIII, and is responsible for what is known as the Tudor Revolution.  This was a radical centralization of power, in which the traditional power of the Church was eliminated, royal supremacy over Parliament was strengthened, and the king ruled as a virtual tyrant.  If that’s what Bannon has in mind he may wind up, figuratively, like his hero, Thomas Cromwell.  Henry had him beheaded, and had his head placed on a spike on London Bridge.

There will be no centralization of power under Trump.  Quite the opposite.  Article V is going to succeed in 2017, and that’s a decentralization of power.  There’s a lot going on in Article V World, and it’s just about ready to pop.

I mentioned seeing Art Laffer predict a political era lasting 1,000 years.  Bannon thinks 50, which is more realistic.  But he doesn’t know anything about Article V, so he’s off by half..  Trump’s a figurehead, in some ways.  The reform this country needs will come from the States, and the people, not Donald Trump.  All he has to do is stay out of the way.

I identify with Bannon.  He’s nine years younger than I am, and from a very similar background.  He’s had an interesting life, as have I.  But I’ve got one up on him.  Babbie, my wife of 45 years.

I got married to the widow next door

She’s been married seven times before

And every one was an ‘Enery

Wouldn’t have a Willie or a Sam

I’m her eighth old man, I’m ‘Enery

‘Enery the Eighth I am, I am

‘Enery the Eighth I am.




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