We’re on our way, glory, Hallelujah, we’re on our way

John Steinberger reports from South Carolina that Trump may appoint Nikki Haley to the UN.  It would make so much sense, it’s hard for me to believe that he wouldn’t. She’s a fine looking, intelligent and conservative Indian-American.  In the United Nations she is the perfect face for her country.

Steinberger also says that if this happens, Senate President Hugh Leatherman would become Lt. Gov.  He’d replace the current Lt. Gov., who is an elected state wide official.  As Lt. Gov., Leatherman can preside over the Senate, just as the Vice President presides over the U. S. Senate, but he only votes in case of a tie.  If you haven’t noticed, the Vice President has no power in the U.S. Senate, and never has in 229 years.  If you don’t have a vote, you don’t count, and Leatherman will have no power in the South Carolina Senate.

40 year old Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey will become the new power in the Senate, and according to Steinberger, “he’s all in.”  That’s a quote.  South Carolina may get our Resolution passed in the first few weeks of their session.  If the Senate President wants to, he can make that happen, if he’s got a solid majority behind him, and Massey will have that, in spades.  And no, there are no black Republican State Senators, in case you’re a racist.

The path to 34 is now clear as a bell.  AZ, WY, ID, WI, KY, and the 34th, SC.  And it could happen fast.  Passing our Resolution is going to be very popular, politically.  The only reason its popularity hasn’t helped us before, is because no one knew anything about us, and Article V.  But that’s going to change on Nov. 30th, and it’s going to change fast.

I feel very thankful right now, and it’s almost Thanksgiving.

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