A faint hope come true

When Barack Obama was reelected in 2012 I went into a funk for a year.  How the hell could that have happened?  It was crazy, but there it was. I figured we’d lost the country, for good.  Obamacare would be another big federal tit, and there would be plenty of suckers.  With over half the people on the tit, the government would have political control of the country.  The party of Government, the Democrats, was on its way, partly because of demographics, to becoming a permanent majority.  What was supposed to be a party of the People, the Republicans  — the so called conservatives —  had lost their way.  The Supreme Court wasn’t going to stop them, and the Democrats would consolidate their power through their control of federal agencies, like the Justice Department, the IRS, the FEC etc.

There was only one hope, and it was faint.  The Democrats would misinterpret the election, and it would mislead them to their doom.  And that’s what happened.  They thought Obama’s win was some kind of vote of approval, and acted accordingly, full speed ahead.  And they pushed it too far. They got so far ahead of themselves they got shafted by Donald Trump, of all people.  How did this jerk get elected?   He’s the F. U. candidate, and the Democrats pushed people so far and fast that’s exactly what people were looking for.

Here’s my theory.  The Queen of the Hive decided Clinton would lose to any normal Republican.  That was the smart bet.  So they latched on to Trump, and protected him, and helped him, improbably, get the nomination.  Then they turned on him, in a fury.  They’ve had that Access Hollywood tape for years, and they wanted to hold it until the very end, when it would come out so close to the election he wouldn’t be able to recover.  But the WaPo got the story too early, and jumped the gun.  I’ll give the WaPo this much credit.  They don’t take orders from the Queen.  And because that story came out too early, and Trump had a chance to recover, and the people were so pissed off, that he drew to his inside straight and filled his hand.  By a nose.  If that Access Hollywood tape had come out a week later, he would have lost.

This is bad news for the Queen, and all her Hive.  I hope their fate isn’t as bad as the German industrialists who decided to use Hitler for their own purposes.  All of them lost everything because of that miscalculation.  Many of them lost their families.

Trump is no Hitler, don’t get me wrong.   We’re Americans, not Germans, and we don’t salute anybody.  Trump’s a reality TV star, period.  An extremely bright, and therefor a potentially dangerous, man with some kind of messianic streak in him, but who knows?   What I do know is that he’s ignorant about the Constitution.  He’s dyslexic, and it would be hard for him to understand, so I’m sure he’s never read it.  If you asked him what federalism meant, he’d give you a blank stare.

A little less than half the country still can’t stand Trump, and never will.  It’s personal, with a lot of people.  I’m one of them.  This is the base, or part of it, of the Term Limits movement.  They’ll oppose anything he proposes, and there are enough of them to stop him.  So we don’t want any part of him.  We don’t need him, and we don’t want him.  He’s not welcome in this movement.

Or, the Reagan Project, as I’ve called it from the beginning.

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